Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Wicked start to a new series!!

Wicked woods takes place in Wicked MA, where Briony is sent to her Aunt's Inn due to the disappearnce of her parents and brother. She soon finds that the Town of Wicked is full of mysterious things and after being saved by a mysterious boy named Fallon she soon discovers that the town of "Wicked" might just be that 'wicked'. She makes new friends at her new school and soon grows closer to Fallon and right when she thinks life is finally getting back in order Fallon reveals to her something about himself that might just tear her world apart. This first installment in the "Wicked Woods" series is packed full of action, suspence and a little bit of romance. There's one thing for sure, once you enter the world of Wicked Woods, there's no turning back.

I loved the development of the characters, seeing them introduced and grow a little in the book was very good. I loved Fallon, his name alone is quite mysterious and interesting, I mean wouldn't you after hearing a name at that. swoon? And Kevin the one who shows up at the resteraunt where Briony works is mysterious himself. There's one thing for sure, I love Gow's writing and sense of beauty she puts into her work. I give this book 4 and a half stars and I can't wait to read "Shimmer" the second installment in the "Wicked Woods" Series.

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