Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A 5 Star book in disguise

First thoughts:

Amazing! I couldn't put the book down (or to be more literal my kindle) but I was amazed at the never ending intensity of the characters and the issues that were brought along. I quite enjoyed meeting Eden, Kiran, and Avalon. And the more I think of it, there weren't really any characters that I down right hated even if said person was the antagonist. The writing itself was wonderful, it flowed smoothly, the plot was perfect and character development definately was planned perfect, I mean who couldn't come out changed in this plot line?! But what I enjoyed the most had to be the fact that I was in love with the world, I was disappointed when I reached the last page and was taken out of it, let's just say I was none to happy to see it end. But! thankfully I see there is a second one and will definately get my "paws" on it!


Eden Matthews has already been expelled from three schools; one she infested with bugs, one she flooded and one she burnt down. Now she's at Kingsley and its the last resort for her, if she gets kicked out here, there are no more resorts for her. So she tries to play it cool, but the electricity she feels within her blood is boiling and with that usually comes destruction. She soon meets a play it cool guy named Kiran who has everyone pratically eating out of his hands and she can't understand why. But all she knows is to hide what she can do before she is both labled as a freak and sent to the looney bin.

But soon she starts to learn that Kingsley is no ordinary school. The people there are different and when she is told to stay away from Kiran she doesn't understand why, what she understands is that he won't leave her alone and she in a twisted down deep kind of way doesn't want him to. Soon Eden discovers more about herself and what she's destined for. She's in danger and when her friend Lilly is sent to prision in a foriegn country for unveiling who she is, its up to Eden to try and save her.

This is a twisting story, that follows a girl who is just now truly discovering herself. She is thrown into a world that the people who are in it have been there their whole lives. It is Eden who is the outsider; the one trying to fit in.

Last thoughts:

Definately a series that I would recommend, it's exciting, thrilling and inspiring. The author did well with creating this new world and has shed light on something so beautiful that only those who truly respect her writing would see. A definate great choice of read, one that kept me up till one in the morning, when I should have been asleep, knowing I had to get up early that morning. But when attracted to such a great book, that is quite hard to do. I rate this book 5 stars, for being captivating and dragging me into a creativly painted world.

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