Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emotional and Realistic

First thoughts:

I was captivated from the first chapter, to see through the main characters eyes was something I have rarely seen. I really could connect with the main character; I felt what she felt. And even though she handled some of these things differently than a person might normally handle them, they were truer than anything else. I loved the storyline, I loved to see the five stages of grief, she be brought to a world where there aren't always rainbows and puppies but real life situations. And though I felt a light mood throughout this book I really concluded that it was all an illusion. There wasn't a single part where she was truly relieved and by the end of the book it was still that way but getting better. How everything ended was perfect; not every story has a happily ever after.

Laurel thought she had it all; she had a fantastic best friend, she loved her parents and little brother Toby and she was doing great in school. But all of that changed when she opened the door to the police who in turned told her of an accident. The accident that she would have been in if she hadn't left early to finish her french homework.

Guilt and depressed over losing her entire immediate family instantly her grandmother comes to stay with her; being there for Laurel in both of their times of need. And David the son of the guy who was driving the car that killed her entire family and Davids mom is causing havoc in Laurels life. She wants to blame David's father but with an undetermined cause she can't put it all on him.

Confused on where her life is going, Laurel is overcome with grief, everything reminds her of them, she can't escape her memories but there is only one person she can connect with. The one person who is going through almost the same thing she is; David. Can they both come to terms with the chaos that has become their life? Or will the both become consumed by their grief?

Last thoughts:
I loved this book, I loved that Laurel was a unique character; she was her own person. The mere fact she wrote to the dog of David instead of David himself really showed us how she was coping. I enjoyed seeing all the stages Laurel was going through. To be able to see her come to terms with losing a family and to be brought into conflicts that branched off from that was wonderful. This book was definately a tear-jerker for me. It's very easily relatable because most everyone has lost someone close to them and to compare Laurel's way of grieving to yours is something magical in itself. One thing is for sure about this book, it has become a story I will cherish to my heart. Castle is one talented writer and I'll be on the look out for future publications.

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