Tuesday, July 5, 2011


First Thoughts:

I loved the original story of Tristan and Isodle and was excited to see a more modern version of it. It was a interesting story in itself, so much happened and the characters in themselves were interesting in themself but I thought this story was too rushed, so much happened so quickly that I really didn't get to let one thing sink in before another thing happened. But other than that it was a fun and fast read.


Izzy has the perfect teenager life, she has the perfect boyfriend, she's pretty and she has a best friend that is with her all the time. But soon Tristan shows up and changes everything. When Izzy tries to give a love potion to Tristan and her best friend things go badly, she ends up getting Tristan to fall in love with her. So now she is strung between the two boys and on top of everything her heritage comes to haunt her and Izzy discovers there's more to herself than she ever new, she has elemental powers and her dead fathers enemy is after her. Soon she is in a battle to save her lives and the lives of the people around her. And the most challenging thing yet, untangle the mess of her love life and sort out her feelings...

Last thoughts:

It was a good book overall, I loved the ideas and characters in this book but like I said earlier it was a little too rushed to me and too convient I think if it would have been drawn out a little more I could better believe the events that took place and enjoy the story more. But I still think you should read it and judge it yourself. I would give this book 3.5 stars, for it's character buildment and storyline.

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