Sunday, October 16, 2011

Captivating and Conclusive

First thoughts:

WoW! OMG! I loved this book, I didn't even think it was possible to love this book as much as the first two. I read this in a mere of hours, not wanting to put the book down, needing to see the conclusion to the fate of the character's I love so much. And what supriesed me the most in the book was that I really fell in love with Patrick. He was such an asset in this book, he definately stole some limelight now and then. I was very much satisfied with the ending and thought the outcome was what needed to be. The feeling of the book was much lighter than the first two (I even found myself breathing more often in this book than the others). I loved the full transformation of the character and there were many, I really loved the fact that they were slower, more understandable( I mean people don't change over night, am I right?) I really enjoyed how this book was separated, I didn't feel out of sorts, being yanked from one scene to another, it was nice and steady, action here and there and a pause. I absolutely loved the flow of this book, the smoothness of it, it really was something you could sit back and read and be relaxed(though at times I was at the edge of my seat, cringing on the purposed outcome) But in overall view the plot was plucked and perected to the tee and every leaf was unturned.

Bryn and William finally think they can have it all; the council has finally granted a union between Byrn and a Hayward. But soon rumors fly that It's Bryn and Patrick that's going to be engaged. While oblivious to the rumors William is on cloud nine but after not only hearing the newest rumors she learned of a secret Patrick has kept from Bryn.

Bryn is on the ride of a lifetime as she races against all odds and finds her way into Union with William. She will stop at nothing to have him with her and while the others are after her she will fight to the death to make what's wrong right. But will Bryn and William see the day they will finally be united? Will they lose it all just to have each other?

Last thoughts:

Really thought out, the ending was perfect, the whole story was beautiful. I hate to let go of this world, just being new to it all but all great things must come to an end; that I do realize. But I do hope to perhaps see a prequel to this series, because the masterful and creative world Nicole has created shouldn't be wasted. I definately wouldn't mind seeing this world again, even if it means being in the perspective of someone else. But in all I loved this entire series, I thought it was amazing and page gripping. It is an eye candy to me, something that will be sitting on my kindle's virtual bookshelf for some time to come. I can't wait to read more from this author because she is new and fresh and I believe her writing can be an asset to the literature world.

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