Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Book Changed Me....

First thoughts:

Okay so I'm going to be honest here and admit a flaw of myself. I started reading this book because I had just finished my last book and needed something to read between waiting from a shipment of books I ordered and I saw this on Amazon and thought 'why not?'. But when I started reading it I think my mind just wasn't in it, I wasn't captivated. And I wasn't a fan of Star Crossed lover books (most of the ones I read were just off the mark; they felt fake to me) But I kept reading and reading and I'm glad I did. Because when I reached the 30 percent mark things changed.I became a believer. I became immeresed in the book, I didn't want to stop reading, I neglected homework; chores. And my mind was just focused on this book and before I know it the days over and I'm finished. I loved the characters, I felt that the two main character's were compatiable in everyway; they fit togther so perfectly. And though there wasn't severe character development there was some and if you ask me, the less development in the first book of a series the better. I mean who wants a character make a full transformation in the first book of a three book series? Certainly not me. But as I was saying Nicole created a beautiful storyline; a storyline where a lot of things didn't go smoothly but I like that. I like bumpy roads. And wow, was this one a bumpy one. One thing I really enjoyed was the world that was created, it was fresh new and intriging; I didn't want to leave it. The world of these characters is beautiful and masterfully created. I definately have found a new favorite author of mine (lately that's been growing...I LOVE it!)


Bryn has suffered tradegy throughout her entire life and six months after losing her parents and a near death experience Bryn is at OSU in Oregan. Being a new sophmore in a new college is just another part of her miserable life until she meets the myserious William; the guy who sweeps her out of this world and introduces her to something she never thought possible.

Together they will discover not only something about themselves but about the world around them. And as things keep being thrown in their path, together they will try and jump over them. But there's just some things that are too high to jump over. Will Bryn and William find a way to be together or will this new world tear them apart?

Last thoughts:

I know, short summary but I didn't want to reveal anything, its better to read it, to learn about them. Life isn't always going to be easy, sometimes you have to discover things on your own. And I think this book is one of them. This is something I would recommend to anyone who is a lover of true love, and though I want to say this isn't for those who hate Star crossed books I would be wrong; I was a nonbeliever too, but this book changed me. As soon as I finished it I went out and bought "Fallen Eden"(That's saying something, considering I just got in my shipment of books I've been dying to read). I totally loved this book and will be sequealing about it to my friends for days to come but one thing is for sure, Nicole Williams has an affinity for creating a great book and sucking in us romantics and showing us that it is possible to fall in love; it's just sometimes you have to be patient and be willing to go through HELL to be with them.


  1. Wow. Just added her books to my TBR pile :D

  2. YaY! The first book is free on Kindle!!