Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reviving Characters

First thoughts:

I went into reading this book with high hopes and I wasn't disappointed. I've loved all eight other book installments by Maria V. Snyder and was excited to read the summary for this one. From the first page I read, I was hooked. The character's journey is long and difficult, one I enjoyed being alongside. I loved that there was some characters that were rough, meaning they were shady characters, characters we didn't fall in love with the first moment we met them. But then there was some characters you instantly clicked, characters I wish to be friends with. But in all the characters were well developed and formed throughout the entire book. As for the plot, there's so many twists and turns, things that you don't even see until they're smack dab in your face; I loved it! As for the writing style, just as beautiful as ever; captivating in that it paints a story of a struggle both mental and physical. The reading pace was slow for me, I really wanted to soak everything in, why rush a good book right? But in all I loved every minute of it and love it just as much as her other books.


Avery is a Healer, she can heal someone with a touch to the victim but the price is big. To heal someone she must take on whatever is wrong with them and take it in herself but thankfully she heals ten times faster than anyone else. But something has gone amiss in her world, Healers are being blamed for the plagaue that's killed many and Healers are the enemy; being hunted and excuted when caught. And the worst part of this all is she is utterly alone, her father and brother are dead, her mother and sister are missing and she's on the run from the guards, moving from location to location, healing when she can and escaping with her life just barely.

But after being on the run for three years fate catches up with her; she's been caught, thrown in prision and awaiting execution. But the unthinkable happens she's kidnapped from her cell, a rugged looking guy and 4 others await her help. They've saved her life but demand something in return; she must heal the man she hates the most. Ryne is dying of the plague but is frozen in a state to freeze the progression of the disease but what most don't know, healers can heal someone from the plague but at the cost of their own life.

Being dragged along the journey to Ryne, she is learning more and more about the people who have kidnapped her and along the way she'll discover not only more about them but something about herself. But can they convience her to heal someone that could save them all?

Last thoughts:

Loved this story, cannot wait to be taken back to their world in the second book. Totally recommend it to any Maria V. Synder fans out there; this is definately a book that won't disappoint. It's creative, intriguing and best of all unique. The characters are full of life and the world around them is painted in a light that very much gives a clear picture of where they are. It's a book to bring out frustration, anger, happiness, sadness, definately a all around good book.

One last thing I'd like to thank Harlequin and Netgalley for allowing me to read this early!!

Happy reading to all and I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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