Monday, October 24, 2011

Intersting Concept but has some Flaws...

First thoughts:

This book wasn’t as comical as the first book “Suck it Up” it had a more serious tone to it, the characters were more serious, they were put in dire situations that left little room for comic relief.  As for the character development it was minimum the only character that did any kind of major growing had to be Morning. He changed in a way to better fit the environment; to be someone that could make a difference. The writing itself was okay but at times I found myself disoriented from all the points of view changing. Something I really did enjoy about this book is the fact that a lot of questions I had in the first book were answered, I got some of the issues I was having with the first book resolved. The characters themselves really bothered me, for one Portia the one I used to like in the first book seemed to really annoy me in this one. She took on an attitude that just made her more unlikable. And as for an issue involving the other characters I found them flat at times but there were the points were they were lively and someone you could connect with and if they could have stayed that way the entire book I think I would have enjoyed it more. The plot was complicated and tricky; so much was going on in such a short time period that I found myself rushing to just absorb the newest information presented to the reader. Some positive aspects of this book are that it did conclude the storyline very well; it had a nice tied bow ending. Another one would be the fact that the idea itself was intriguing and wild, just the concept of the vampire itself was fun to read about. It definitely was a creative story and everyone involved was perfect for just what they were meant to do. In all it was an intriguing read and I’m glad it summed everything up.


This story picks up just after a year after the last book left off where Morning McCobb revealed to American that Vampires exist. He becomes famous for his revealing but the last thing he wants is that, he just wants to become a fire fighter and be with his love Portia. And soon things start to work out, Rachel takes over and tries to woo everyone with a new TV show but one woman has it out for the vampires. She believes they are evil creatures and are always going to succumb to their dark side.  And because of her position in Congress she holds a lot of influence and power over them and soon she becomes the Opposition. But on top of that Morning and Portia are having some problems of their own, they are out growing themselves, focused only on what is important at hand and soon that causes a rift between the two of them.

To add even more woe to the story a mysterious dark vampire appears and threatens the very lives of the vampires and humans. He secretly teams up with an important ally and the two of them become too powerful. So Morning is called up once again to help solve the problems but soon he learns something about himself and his breed that has been kept secret from everyone. Soon Morning gets wrapped up in trying to stay above the surface; to appease everyone but some things there are just things too big for one person to handle. What will become of Morning? Will he ever become what he’s meant to be? Or will he perish in the country’s time of need?
Last thoughts:
It was a good story overall, there were some flaws that one can overlook.  The description in the story was good, especially when he described “Mother Forest” I really thought he painted exactly what he pictured it would look like. Besides the whiplash I got from the characters point of view changing it was good to see the story in different points of views but it would have been better of the views shifted more smoothly instead of abruptly. I wouldn’t recommend this if you didn’t enjoy the first book, especially if you’re looking for comedy in this book, you won’t get it. But I would recommend this to you if you’re looking to tie up some loose ends from the first book and if you’re looking for a book where the world of vampires in a way is a bit more creative than others. But in all I enjoyed the read and was glad to have the story more concluded.  I want to thank Net galley for allowing me to read and review this book I’m just sad that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped.

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