Saturday, October 29, 2011

Action Packed!!

First thoughts:

I didn't know anything about this book before reading it, I hadn't heard about it from anyone but when I saw it on Amazon I thought it sounded interesting and gave it a shot. And boy was this a action packed book filled with dark and sinister images. The story was interesting in itself, it provided a since of doom and darkness, definately not a fluff book and for those who enjoy romance, this is not the book for you. The plot is complicated and fast, there isn't any time really to just sit there and absorb everything that happens. I couldn't really connect with many of the characters because I didn't know much about them, the inner beings of them were sealed shut almost, they opened themselves up a few times but quickly shut themselves back up. I really wanted to connect with them but there just wasn't enough description and explanation on who they were and how they were coping with everything. The dialogue was good, I didn't really see anything wrong with it and there was some inner dialogue that gave us a quick glimse in what the character was thinking, allowing the reader to grasp a little of that characters dimension. The idea of this was interesting and its not something you see in a oridnary plot and I liked that. I liked to see a new world where love isn't the center of attention and happiness isn't always there. I like to see things go wrong, it makes it more realistic. This story was in three perspectives and I thought that was a really good idea because all three charcters were inter-connected. Though we didn't get good insight of the characters at one time it did allows us to inter-connect the three storylines so that by the end we would get a sense of what was going on and the implication involved. Something else I liked was the authors choice of third person, it really allowed us to see what was going on even if the main character was perhaps out of focus, it was really well thought out.


This story was in the perspectives of Lissa, Hikari, and Connor. Each of them had their own story and background but all three of htem had a common goal and trait.

Lissa has been isolated her whole life in a compound, all she knows really is her parents and their friends. But the story opens up to Lissa losing them, she's on the run in search of "them" the people her parents said would be looking for her. And when she is being chased by the people who killed her family she thinks its the end that is until Gideon comes in and rescues her. Soon Lissa is taken down underground to a secret society where she learns of who she is and what she posses. And Gideon is assigned for her training and the two of them spend three months together and through that time Lissa starts to feel something; something she's never felt before.

Hirkari lives a high end life her dad's a congress man and her and her six year old brother have life just fine. But soon Kari discovers secrets her dad has been hiding and with the help of her brother and friends they too will start their journey of danger and suspense. And in seach of answers that are hidden in the depths Kari learns something about herself and what she had never known about her past.

Connor is a celebrity tv star, but the screaming 13 years are getting to him, he doesn't want to be in the lime-light any longer. And when his off and on again girlfriend Joanne shows up offering him an oprtunity to get out of his contract he decides to check it out. But that's where his trouble begins, he gets sucked up into the world of descrution, forced to discover he is and be used just like a toy of a child.

The three of them learn of who they're apart of; the Lux and with that comes great responsibility and danger. The three of them must in their own world stop the one thing threatning to destroy not only America but also the entire world. But can they accept who they are before it's too late? Or is too late to save anyone?

Last thoughts:

It was an intriguing read over all, I liked the fresh plotline and end. I'm still reeling from the end, I'm still trying to even absorb all that happened in this story. It was very much a short fast paced book, something anyone could take the time to read. Other than a few flaws I enjoyed the story and think that perhaps more will be explained in depth in the second installment. But I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I would recommend this to those of you thrill seekers and also anyone who just likes a short fun read. I wouldn't recommend this to people who love romances or is expecting an in-depth story. In the end I give this book 3.5 stars. Perhaps in a few days I will think it over and give it a higher rating but till then it is what it is.        

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