Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Page Turner for Sure!!

First thoughts:

What a perfect way to end the series, the ending was so beautiful and perfect that I was both left satisfied and happy. The story in this book was a great as the first two books. The characters if you can believe it developed even more and we were able to see a deeper look into them. The characters definately are three dimensional and lively, we are able to connect with them, to become emotional over them. As for the writing style, it was consistent with the first two books, Jessica Verday is talented in describing in short words of the world around the characters; to use such poetic words and feeling so that the reader can feel an even deeper bond to the world. I liked that everything was explained well, not one thing was left unsaid. I am sad to see this end though, I wish I could continue to visit this world; to continue being alongside Abbey and Caspian. There isn't much I would change with this book, if anything I wish to have the ending expanded more, just a bit not too much. I appreciate the character's will power and determination, they are people to idolize because they have done things that I wish I could have the guts to do. Some people are meant to be stronger and these characters definately were. My favotite thing about this book is the fact that you get so caught up in the world that you don't realize how fast time is moving in reality. I literally finished this book in a day. I had no sense of time, I was only focused on reading this book, no other thing mattered. It's something we all wish when reading a book and well to me this was one of those books.


Abbey knows she's going to die but it's the matter of not knowing that's getting to her. All she wants it the best of both worlds. She loves Caspian deep down to her soul but she still has attachments to her life. She had plans; she wanted to open her own perfume shop in Sleepy Hallow but she knows those dreams are so far away. But as time grows thinner things begin to happen quickly, Abbey is losing touch with herself; she begins to doubt herself and the people around her. And most importantly she's losing Caspian. Somethings wrong but she can't figure it out. She would do anything to have him happy but what if it cost her somthing she never wanted to lose?
This third and final installment of the "Hallow" series is action and emotionally packed. It begins right where "Haunted" left off, not one thing is left unturned. This is a book sure to awe the fans of series and leave them feeling both satisfied and awed by the last page. Abbey and Caspian will be tested and thrown into battle but only one side can win, will it be them? Or will something dark and evil take over?

Last thoughts:

I'm glad this book had a bitter sweet ending. This has been a really good series that brings in an old tale but mixes it up with new flavors. The imagery in this book is very beautiful and lyrical. There's not much of this book I can say annoyed me. Even the antagonist didn't disappoint me, though I didn't feel much anger towards him I was able to connect to him in a way I hadn't in the first two books. This is both a shocking and fantastic read. I'd recommend it to any fan of the series and to those who enjoy a spooky yet fun read. To be forewarned there are some let's say "steamy" moments but Jessica describes them in such a poetic way that it makes it seem more magical than anything else. This is definately one to be put on the "to-read-shelf" you shouldn't miss out on such a great ending to an amazing series.

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