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A Hidden Jewel

Published on December 24, 2011
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First thoughts:
This was definitely one roller-coaster of emotional limits. The intensity and idea itself was filled with all of the emotions. This wasn’t your run of the mill type of story, there was some added flare and character to this book that made reading it both enjoyable and fast. This is definitely a book that doesn’t take long to read and can if time allowed be read in one sitting.
Though this book started a bit slow to me it did have an overall good plot. The beginning was just trying to introduce the reader to the ideas of the world and the characters themselves. But after the first few chapters of the book the story really picked up and I instantly connected with both the characters and the world. I wanted no needed to read more, the more ideas and twists were unraveled the more I enjoyed this book. The action was at times intense, especially the end (won’t reveal it to you but it definitely both shocked and stunned me). The entire plot was planned to the tee, each conflict and twist planned accordingly and I enjoyed not knowing every little detail of what was to happen.
The characters like I said were distant at the beginning, the author did a great job on creating different personalities and attributes but I felt like I was looking in from a glass window instead of actually being in the room. But as soon as Reka the main protagonist was introduced into the books main purpose (a few chapters in) I was able to both instantly connect with her but also with the other characters around her. I enjoyed being able to both like and connect with the antagonist, it’s not something a reader is privileged to often. Usually the bad guy is someone you vote against but the author gave us a side of him that made me want to know him more; to sympathize with. Also I was able to really relate with some of the characters, the way they felt with certain situations seemed quite believable.
Transformation of the Character:
Okay so I’m not sure if Reka really did any TRUE transforming. She in a way battled in her mind constantly but I think we were able to see her true character in the beginning and throughout this book she was battling to keep it. So in a way she kind of transformed but she didn’t make a normal transformation. As for the other characters, some of them changed a little but in all the transformations were kept to a minimum.  
I really enjoyed this author’s use of description. She really described some pivotal scenes very well. She didn’t leave the reader without a good picture on what she was trying to get across. She used just the right amount in this story, she never over described something or left you with a scene painted in only black and white; she colored her world with an array of beautiful colors and ideas. I found some of her descriptions to be very creative, the ideas and images she conquered up were just breath-taking.
The author’s style was perfect for the story, she did a really job on creating mental and physical conversations. I liked how she got Reka to have inner turmoil and outer and they blended so nicely. The chapters were divided smoothly and I didn’t feel the author was rough on transitions she had everything organized and planned accordingly. And the use of first person helped both the reader connect with the character but also get a more narrow perspective, allowing things to be hidden in the dark until time.
Goodreads Summary:
For as long as seventeen-year-old Reka Cushing can remember, she has watched her friends and her neighbors be stolen, their bodies used as hosts for the Halorans; an alien race that has come to earth posing as gods. For just as long, Reka has lived in fear of drawing the eye of a Haloran, keeping her head down, hoping not to be caught in their sites.
The only time she has ever been bold, tried to get what she wanted, a god, one more powerful, more dangerous than all others is watching.
Last Thoughts:
I would recommend this book to any fantasy and reader of romance. The romances in this book were so sweet and swoon worthy. I would also recommend this to any reader who enjoys a good and fast read; just remember the beginning can be a little slow but after you get past it, it’s a fast read from there. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t enjoy romance; this book has tons of it! I really enjoyed this book a lot and the ending was spectacular I can’t wait to find out what that last part was all about. This author is definitely someone I’ll be looking for future reads.
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