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The Adjustment Review


Date Published: April 18, 2017

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Number of Pages: 416

Publisher: Simon Pulse

First Thoughts:

Oh my! This book had so many feels to it; so many emotions. It was beautiful, devastating and uncontrollable. I have to admit that this author's writing just gets better with each new book. Usually in a series the books are never as good as the first one but I will say in this series this is not the case! This is the 5th book in a 6 book series. I loved so many things about it, here are my thoughts!

Goodreads Summary:

Tatum Masterson never went though The Program. She never had her memory stripped, never had to fight to remain herself. But when Weston, her longtime boyfriend and love of her life, was taken by handlers, she hoped he'd remember her somehow--that their love would be strong enough.

It wasn't.

Like all returners, Weston came back a blank canvas. The years he and Tatum spent together were forgotten, as well as the week when he mysteriously disappeared before The Program came for him.

Regardless of his memory loss, Tatum fights to get Weston to remember her. And just as they start to build a new love, they hear about the Adjustment--a new therapy that implants memories from a donor. Despite the risks, Tatum and Weston agree to go through the process. Tatum donates her memories from their time together.

But the problem with memories is that they are all a matter of perspective. So although Weston can now remember dating Tatum, his emotions don't match the experiences. And this discrepancy is slowly stating to unravel him, worst than anything The Program could have done.

And as the truth of their life together becomes clear, Tatum will have to decide if she loves Weston enough to let him go, or continue to live the lie they'd build together.

Prepare for your Adjustment.


This book was full of twists and turns. Actually the ending was pretty much a perfect twist I hardly saw coming. It was a complete shock to the system. This is a book worth reading to the very end because what you thought was coming actually turned out to be something totally different. This was a story of love and trying to understand the meaning in yourself and the people around you. It was a story of trying to understand the human mind and all it inhabits. How to get back memories you thought were gone forever. I liked that the author flashed back to some old memories of Tatum and Weston but what I'm wondering is were they altered? Were they true? Anyways I liked the overall set up of the story, the beginning was wonderful and there was enough action to keep the book interesting at all times. And the ending was definitely a cliffhanger. Not a big enough one that will keep you up at night but one that will keep you wondering.


The romance was so sad and sweet at that same time. Weston being in the Program didn't remember their love that Tatum thought ran so deep and Tatum was desperately in love. She didn't want to give up on them. So the romance was so strange in this book. They were two desperate people looking for that connection but there were so many obstacles in their way that it fell short. I want them to be together but later on in the book I wasn't so sure. Definitely made the book interesting. Anyways I liked the romance and it was a big part of this book, like this book wouldn't exist without it but it was hard to read at times.


Weston was a little hard to like at first and I'm not quite sure I liked him totally by the end but he turned out to be okay. He was a little hard to get to know because he himself didn't even know himself. But he started to create a new him and also try to find the old him at the same time. He had the help of Tatum with finding his old self but really I think that hindered their relationship.As for Tatum she was pretty easy for me to connect with and like. I totally got into her thoughts and feelings and cried right alongside her as she was trying to grasp at something that just wasn't in the cards. As for the secondary characters, like the doctors they were well developed and fit perfectly into the story. The doctors were a little strange though, like they had something up their sleeves but didn't share it with others. Also the other students were added to verify the story and I thought the clever placement of the characters was well played.

Transformation of Character:

Weston definitely transformed in this story, he changed so much that he wasn't the same person for long. And by the end I was a little confused on what he was but he definitely changed. As for Tatum she transformed also, she went from this confident person, full of fire to someone questioning every memory and thought. She kind of down spiraled. So really the transformations of characters were different in this book and made the story that much more interesting.


The description in this book was really superb. The description of Weston's and Tatum's feelings was so deep and true that I felt exactly how they were feeling. It made me laugh, cry and whelp with joy at times. But really this was a really sad story and the moments of joy were short lived. The description of the scenery was good too. It was well thought out and especially the scene when they were doing the Adjustment was creative and life like. I liked how the author described the medical part of this book and thought she must have done her job on the research aspect of this book. Overall this part of the book was good and I really enjoyed reading and experiencing this book the way I did.


This was written in one POV and was written in first person. I thought this was a good choice even though at first I thought this would've been better written in both Weston's and Tatum's POV instead of just Tatum. But after finishing this book I thought the author made the best decision. And being written in first person allowed the reader to attach and connect better with the characters, especially Tatum. The dialogue was well thought out, it seemed to fit the characters and there wasn't too much of it or too little. It was perfectly placed and was used to release some of the tension in the book. The writing itself was awesome, easy to read and fun to experience. Suzanne Young's writing is always so fun to read and this book wasn't any different. 

Quote of the Book:

""See, the thing is," he starts again, "I don't know what to do with you. And I don't know what to do without you, either. And, yes I know that sounds shitty and unfair, but I want to be up front here. When I'm with's like there's two of me: one who's running toward you and one who's running away....""

Last Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book and was sad to see it end. But thankfully there's one more book in the series to conclude this epic series! I loved meeting these new characters and being back in The Program world. But the epic twists and cliffhanger made this book all the more special. I hope you as a reader will give this book a chance and see what it all has to offer. But if you haven't started this series then start from the beginning before proceeding to read The Adjustment. 

The series goes in this order:

1.The Program
2.The Treatment
3.The Remedy
4.The Epidemic
5.The Adjustment

My Rating:

4! Almost there, great read; not yet bloomed.