Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Captivating Read!!

First thoughts:

This book was a very fast read for me, seriously. I started reading the first page and I couldn't literally stop, the time passed me like it was nothing. I read this up late into the night till I finished it. I think because I came in tuned with the characters and I wanted to know what happened, wait let me rephrase that, I HAD to know what happened. I really love the back stories to these characters and how this whole story was based on another story within the book. I thought it was really creative and spunky!


About a girl named Emma who ends up moving in with her Aunt Christine because of how her stepfather abused her and now that she went to this elite private school she only hopes to blend in and not stand out. But when she arrives she is anything but in the background. Soon she has the most popular guy after her but then she clearly puts a stop to it when she see's his behavior, no she has her eyes on another guy named Brendan. But Brendan doesn't really date any of the girls in school and when Brendan shows interest in Emma she literally loses touch with reality.

But when Brendan goes from being close to being afar and then close again, Emma gets supspcious. And on top of that she is having night terrors, ones in which she sees herself dying and her dead twin brother Ethan warning her to stay away from Brendan.

It takes all Emma has to solve this case and figure who she really is and with the help of her friend Angelique she might just have a chance of breaking whatever curse that has descended upon her.

Last thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. The storyline is unique, the characters are developed and it has a touch of supernatural in it. This is definately a book I enjoyed to read. Shultz has created a world of amazing stories and I can't wait to see what else she comes out with. And whether or not there is going to be another story I'm not quite sure. Though the problems in this book were solved the author left it open to continue on with other books with these characters and I really hope she does...I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5, it was original, captivating and most importantly well written. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

New and Fresh!!

First Thoughts:

I have now read this book twice now, I read it the first time in literally a day because the storyline was so inviting and warm. The second time I read it just as fast. The concept was just so interesting and fresh that I had to understand the things revolving around the characters. This is definately a book I will be re-reading through out my life just so the concept itself won't ever leave my mind.

Short Summary:

About a girl named Alison who wakes up in a psychiatric ward not having any recollection on how she got there...soon she discovers that she could have killed a girl named Tori. She fears inside that she is responsible as her memory slowly twinkles back in...

And Alison is no normal girl by any means, she has a type of gift that allows her to see shapes, letters, sounds and smells as a distinct color and gives her heightened senses. She can see what kind of person you are just by your name and how it surrounds you...it's in a way a sixth sense but in this case she doesn't see ghosts, just another level of the spectrum that is called Ultraviolet.

Soon Alison comes to meet a "doctor" named Faraday, he helps her understand what her gift is and secretly in return she can help him. But will it be worth it in the end? Will Alison finally get her life back together?!

Last Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book, it was so unique and colorful that it definately suited my tastes and likes. I only had a problem with the end, I wish there could have been more, I wished that some of the things that happened didn't happen but in all good books there is always something that is meant to be and in this book that is the case. I totally recommend this book, its a fast read, enjoyable and something that isn't using the same plot line like so many other books...I say just give this book a chance and be wowed!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another wonderful Debut Author!!

First Thoughts:

I had no idea what I was getting into when I was given the opportunity to review this book. I hadn't so much as heard about this book but boy am I glad I did!! It had a fast paced quality to it. It kind of reminded me of the series by Jenna Black "Glimmerglass series" the fairies were creatively created and shown to us...Kimberly definately took the time to create a world of its own. The imagery in this book was fantastic and even though there was a few grammer errors they were nothing, it was the writing itself that took full blossom and created a story that kept me wanting to read further...


This is a story about a girl named Jensen who is thrown into a world she hadn't known existed. She had only known the death of her "supposed parents" and that she lived with a con-artist sister. The two of them were like best friends and relied on each other until one day Jensen witnesses a confession of a murder and see's the guy with wings behind his back. She immediately calls her sister and in response Lauren tells her to not come home and to go in search of the "High wizard". Not knowing what that meant and terribly heart stricken she stumbles upon the fairie she saw early who she comes to realize is Liam.

Soon Jensen discovers more of the world that was hidden away from her and learns more about herself and her family. In the end she has to come to terms that she can no longer look back in her old life and that there is only one path that lies ahead.

Last Thoughts:

I definately recommend this book for anyone who loves a new take on fairies and loves a fast read. This one sure had a suprise ending. I'm hoping that Kimberly has more in store for us because there is one thing for sure the ending of "Shimmerspell" leaves you wanting more...Thanks Kimberly for allowing me to read your precious baby, it was a treat in itself. The writing was definately one worth reading!!