Monday, August 22, 2011

The Final Iron Fey book....

First thoughts:
I fell in love with Ash all over again, reading in his POV was better than I imagined. And to really see inside his mind and know what he was feeling was something that allowed me to know Ash even better. And imagery in here was very detailed and imaginative. Kagawa really painted us a picture to the landscapes that the characters had to cross. I was torn between emotions in this final book, so much happened and I felt the loss right alonside Ash. I really thought this was a very good conclusion to the Iron Fey series.

Short summary:
Ash is on a mission to become mortal, he wants to find a way back to meaghan so that he can be by her side and truly be the knight he wants to be. But he can't do that being a fey. The Iron would kill him and so Meaghan banished him in turn so that she wouldn't lose the one person she loves the most. But little does Meaghan know that Ash is going to literally go to the end of the world to become mortal so that in turn he can be by her side.

Ash embarks on the long and hard journey with Puck the laughable jokester, the big bad wolf who literally is one of the scariest wolfs out there, the cat we all know and love who would soon leave you in danger only to save himself and the last person someone they all thought was long gone but has mysteriously shown up. The five of them make their way to the end of the world, they encounter the River of Dreams, creatures who are tiny but vicious and various other obstacles, one being a set of trials he must pass in order to become mortal. But the hardest obstacle yet is whether Ash TRULY wants to leave behind his heritage and become something he used to despise himself; a mortal human.

Last thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book and series and was sad to see it come to an end but like all good things they all have to end sometime right? Kagawa is a gifted writer and has a way with description that I envy and in this last book she gave the greatest gift she could ever give; she took us inside Ashe's mind and allowed us to see who he really is. Can't wait to see what else this author has in store but for now will be satisfied with what I have been given. I'd recommend this series to any fey lovers and can't wait to see what others think!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Highly Addictive

Warning: Proceed with caution, is known to cause lack of sleep and aloofness from others. Be cautioned that once you begin there is NO stopping till the characters have told their story.

Okay I'm still reeling from this story, I can't believe I'm even saying this but I like this book even more than the other two. There was just something about the deeper connection to the characters that got me and held me tight. Shelena did an awesome job on creating a story that can be very relatable and convey such deep emotions that you wish you had your own Wes (or at least I do, is there a way to order one on E-bay?) But in all this story was beautiful and I loved the risks the author took, there were some things I didn't expect but thought they added even more to the plot! And best of all I was finally able to get some answers!! What I thought was really nice was the medical knowledge, I thought she did a great job and knew she knew her stuff!


It has been 48 hours and Sophie has yet to hear from Wes, she's worried sick, Wes had told her to give them 48 hours before calling the police and here the time is up and she doesn't know what to do. She soon has the help of others and along the way she demands to find answers herself and to be reuinted with Wes and perhaps solve the nearing deadline of her life....

Last Words:
Okay so my summary was short, I mean super short but honestly I didn't want to reveal anything that happened in the book, I want you to read it and become immeresed in Sophie and Wes's world and be swept off your feet from love, battle through fatigue and stress, to worry along side Sophie and Wes...Experience everything I was able to because I don't think my words can quite compare to how beautiful and wonderful this book was. This is a book you will pick up and have a very hard time putting down. I urge you to read it and see for yourself what an amazing job Shelena Shorts did. I defiantely can't wait till the final and 4th installment of the pace series. Though I do believe that will be a sad day for me. But I definately give this book 5 stars and will be eagerly awaiting for the final one. Thank you Shelena for creating a world where I can experience love without the phyiscal hardships!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Must read for Teens

Warning: Has the ability to cause a change in your mood, stay away from others till temper has calmed down.

This book really did mess with my mood, that's what's great about it. Especially at the beginning, I'm not usually a kind of person who thinks violent thoughts but the beginning of this book sure did make me think them. I really enjoyed this book, it was one of those read til you finish books. I loved that the plot was fun and fresh. I thought the characters were realistic and people I would love to meet in real life. I really thought this book was something that had a very deep message that everyone needs to hear no matter how you appear on the outside it's about how beautiful you are in the inside.


Wish and Dough have known each other since first grade. And ever since have done everything together but then Wish moves away with his mother and leaves Dough alone with her mother and sister and their run down bakery. But Wish and Dough don't separate completly. They message each other and chat all the time and over a matter of a year or two become boyfriend and girlfriend. But Dough changes from that little tweleve year old girl Wish once knew. She's no longer thin and from what she can see online he has changed from his geeky old self to a sun tanned God.

But then Dough gets a message from her telling her he's moving back and can't wait to see her. Dough can only think that the moment he see's her all bets are off and she's going to lose the only friend she has. But when he sees her he seems just as excited and soon Dough begins to question Wish. Is he just being nice? Or is something else in the works. And to make matters more complicated Christian the new employee of their bakery is telling Dough that Wish is trouble, that he is responsible for disaters. Dough finds herself in race to find answers and more importantly discover her inner beauty.

Last Thoughts:
I really urge teens to read this book, it really teaches you how to be confident about how you look and appear to others. It was a wonderful and easy read, something I would urge others to read. I loved the beautiful language and points in this story. Cyn Balog's writing style is beautiful and always has deeper meaning. I can't wait to see what else Balog has in store for us readers!! And I want to thank Cyn Balog for giving me this book, it has been a fun and awesome read!