Friday, September 30, 2011


First thoughts:

I was hooked; a goner from the first chapter I read. I loved this book, the creative idea, the connection from the character to the reader, the overwhelming desire to never let it end. Michelle Hodkin created a world that had a high realism to it but also a splash of paranormal. This was a fresh and new plot, it is one to captivate its reader and put them under a spell. The most I liked about this book had to be the realism. To actually feel like this is how a person in real life would cope with something to this magnitude. To feel the desire to go over the edge but not wanting to at the same time. It was orchestrated perfectly and I was left stunned and breathless by the last page. The attention to details was amazing, the author described every person, thing and thought. While reading this book it was like I was watching a film rather than reading a book, I was lost in a world of awe and inspiration.


Mara Dyer awakes in a hospital with no memory of how she got there. She knows nothing of what happened; especially of her three friends; Rachel, Claire and Jude. They were all pronounced dead, Mara lost three of her friends that day and the only way to cope was to try and discover what happened. But with an espisode with a mirror and a breakdown, Mara's mom threatens to admit her but Mara convinces her family to move; claimng it would be easier not to be around everything that was her old past.

In Miami florida Mara and her older brother Daniel enter a private school and there is where this story really begins. Mara encounters a mysterious guy; Noah. But with a comment from her new friend Jamie she is warned of Noah's reputation of being a womanizer. But she can't stop looking at Noah but she has bigger issues right now, she's seeing her dead friends and she's losing her grip on reality.

Mara is in a ride of her life as she unravels what really took place that night and possibly how she was involved. She soon discovers something about herself that sends her into a tail-spin and the only one there to possibly throw her a life line is Noah. But will he?

Last thoughts:

Loved, loved, loved this story and can't wait till the sequel comes out. The imagery and description in this story connected me to this book in more ways than one. And the fact that the main character Mara is also the name of my sister and the fact that Jude Mara's friend was in there also added the fun; I just got a nephew named Jude. It definately made for a more exciting read. But one things for sure Michelle is very talented and I cannot possibly wait for the return of Mara's world.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emotional and Realistic

First thoughts:

I was captivated from the first chapter, to see through the main characters eyes was something I have rarely seen. I really could connect with the main character; I felt what she felt. And even though she handled some of these things differently than a person might normally handle them, they were truer than anything else. I loved the storyline, I loved to see the five stages of grief, she be brought to a world where there aren't always rainbows and puppies but real life situations. And though I felt a light mood throughout this book I really concluded that it was all an illusion. There wasn't a single part where she was truly relieved and by the end of the book it was still that way but getting better. How everything ended was perfect; not every story has a happily ever after.

Laurel thought she had it all; she had a fantastic best friend, she loved her parents and little brother Toby and she was doing great in school. But all of that changed when she opened the door to the police who in turned told her of an accident. The accident that she would have been in if she hadn't left early to finish her french homework.

Guilt and depressed over losing her entire immediate family instantly her grandmother comes to stay with her; being there for Laurel in both of their times of need. And David the son of the guy who was driving the car that killed her entire family and Davids mom is causing havoc in Laurels life. She wants to blame David's father but with an undetermined cause she can't put it all on him.

Confused on where her life is going, Laurel is overcome with grief, everything reminds her of them, she can't escape her memories but there is only one person she can connect with. The one person who is going through almost the same thing she is; David. Can they both come to terms with the chaos that has become their life? Or will the both become consumed by their grief?

Last thoughts:
I loved this book, I loved that Laurel was a unique character; she was her own person. The mere fact she wrote to the dog of David instead of David himself really showed us how she was coping. I enjoyed seeing all the stages Laurel was going through. To be able to see her come to terms with losing a family and to be brought into conflicts that branched off from that was wonderful. This book was definately a tear-jerker for me. It's very easily relatable because most everyone has lost someone close to them and to compare Laurel's way of grieving to yours is something magical in itself. One thing is for sure about this book, it has become a story I will cherish to my heart. Castle is one talented writer and I'll be on the look out for future publications.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new take on the paranormal

First thoughts:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book, but I was immediately sucked in. I couldn't put the book down, it was like I wanted to know what happened next. And even though there was some slow moments I was glad to meet the characters and be with them on the start of their journey. The author was creative in creating a unique and magical world and she did a great job on painting the scenes of the characters.


Julia Parker has a unique gift; she can sense peoples emotions and feel exactly what they feel. And when one night her car breaks down and she attempts to take a short cut through the woods back home something happens. Someone chased her and knocked her over the cliff, she barely caught onto the side, hanging on for dear life.

But just when she thought she was dead, she hears fighting taking place up ahead but her hands are knocked away from what she is grasping and she falls to her certain death. But as she was prepared to die someone catches her. She lands in the arm of a mysterious stranger, who looks familiar to her but she can't put her hands on how.

Soon, she grows to learn more about him, though their relationship is strained at best. He claims they can't be together; she can't see why not. But soon things are revealed and Julia soon discovers she has a huge part to play in the world of this guy who swept her off her feet. It's only a matter of if she and "Nicholas" can make it out alive.

Last thoughts:

Though it took me awhile to grow used to the writers style, I was still able to enjoy it. I liked the characters and found myself angry right alongside them. This is definately a book that brought out some of my emotions.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hopelessly Discreet

First thoughts:

Where do I start? Compared to the first installment in this saga this one was much more reachable; more deep. The emotions in this book was outstanding, the writing was so precise that I actually empathized with Eden. I could actually feel the emotions she was going through and boy were there a lot. The point is, "Hopeless Magic" is a book like no other and be warned, compared to the first book this one is totally different but in the best possible way.


Lilly is finally back but things aren't better. Eden is the middle of two guys fighting over her and trying to keep her idenity a secret even from the man she loves the most. But soon Sabastian is introduced "Kiran's cousin" and he is there on terms that only he knows. But when he discovers that Eden was raised by human and hadn't done the traditional "Eternal Walk" she is sent to India to do just that. But the resistance and her twin brother are skeptical, thinking Luthern the king has plans of his own to take Eden.

Eden is forced to travel, she can't not speak a word till the task is complete and she was walk through the cave to finish her task but she worries her real identity will be revealed and is scared of the outcome.

Throughout this book Eden is put on trial after trial and not until the last few chapters does she discover the biggest trial of all.

Last thoughts:

You really have to appreciate this author on how she is beautiful with words and knows how to change the plot even more and make it better. I never knew this book could be better than the first but I was allowed to see sides of the characters that I hadn't been granted access to before. This is definately a more emotional read and advise if read to be far warned. What you read from this book is something you can cherish to yourself and perhaps learn a thing or two.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A 5 Star book in disguise

First thoughts:

Amazing! I couldn't put the book down (or to be more literal my kindle) but I was amazed at the never ending intensity of the characters and the issues that were brought along. I quite enjoyed meeting Eden, Kiran, and Avalon. And the more I think of it, there weren't really any characters that I down right hated even if said person was the antagonist. The writing itself was wonderful, it flowed smoothly, the plot was perfect and character development definately was planned perfect, I mean who couldn't come out changed in this plot line?! But what I enjoyed the most had to be the fact that I was in love with the world, I was disappointed when I reached the last page and was taken out of it, let's just say I was none to happy to see it end. But! thankfully I see there is a second one and will definately get my "paws" on it!


Eden Matthews has already been expelled from three schools; one she infested with bugs, one she flooded and one she burnt down. Now she's at Kingsley and its the last resort for her, if she gets kicked out here, there are no more resorts for her. So she tries to play it cool, but the electricity she feels within her blood is boiling and with that usually comes destruction. She soon meets a play it cool guy named Kiran who has everyone pratically eating out of his hands and she can't understand why. But all she knows is to hide what she can do before she is both labled as a freak and sent to the looney bin.

But soon she starts to learn that Kingsley is no ordinary school. The people there are different and when she is told to stay away from Kiran she doesn't understand why, what she understands is that he won't leave her alone and she in a twisted down deep kind of way doesn't want him to. Soon Eden discovers more about herself and what she's destined for. She's in danger and when her friend Lilly is sent to prision in a foriegn country for unveiling who she is, its up to Eden to try and save her.

This is a twisting story, that follows a girl who is just now truly discovering herself. She is thrown into a world that the people who are in it have been there their whole lives. It is Eden who is the outsider; the one trying to fit in.

Last thoughts:

Definately a series that I would recommend, it's exciting, thrilling and inspiring. The author did well with creating this new world and has shed light on something so beautiful that only those who truly respect her writing would see. A definate great choice of read, one that kept me up till one in the morning, when I should have been asleep, knowing I had to get up early that morning. But when attracted to such a great book, that is quite hard to do. I rate this book 5 stars, for being captivating and dragging me into a creativly painted world.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Masterful Read

First thoughts:

What?! Huh?! What just happened? Alot of those questions ran through my mind throughout reading this book. This is definately a book you have to be an active reader on, there's no laying back and causally reading. You need to strap on a life vest, get in the boat and be prepared for a white water experience. This is a refreshing and unique story. Where two worlds collide and you the reader must depict which is real and which is not.


Ava wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory on who she is. She remembers nothing, she feels nothing but confusion and nervousness. But soon she starts dreaming and is thrown into a world she does know, where she knows things; a world that is the opposite of earth now. A world where food is scarce and everything is dull and dead looking. And soon she gains those memories back of that world, she learns of Morgan, the guy who would do anything for her, a guy who is dying for her for just being in this world she is in now. And as Ava starts to learn more of where she came from and who she is, she gets torn in two. She was put in this world without consent, yet this world is worth living, food is abundant and you have choices.

But even with all that, Ava is not happy. She needs answers; she needs Morgan. And the friends of Ava(the girl who is no more) are different, she thinks she knows them from her world, but they're different. Ava battles to "Wake-Up" and discover who she is and who she is meant to be. But there are just some things you can't wake-up from. Is this really something she'll never truly awaken from?

Last thoughts:

A wonderful and intriguing read. It can be intimidating but don't let that stop you, trust me, a good book comes with confusion and answers and even though not every question was answered (a trait I usually despise in a book) I was content with it. I think it was better left for the reader to question, to allow them to come up with the answers. And though I do hope for a sequel in this series I don't think it's necessary. Elizabeth Scott is a talented writer and I think everyone should give her a shot, you just might be suprised. I rate this book 4.5 stars!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

An Inspirational read unfolds....

First thoughts:

I enjoyed this book to the bottom of my heart. It was one of those kinds of books that hooks you and forces you to finish them at record speed. I loved the realism and idea of the story, its something someone could relate to real easy. The writing was beautiful and the transfomation of the two main characters were perfectly timed and exicuted.


Finley has been having a hard time, she's lost the closest person to her and with that her faith and self has dwindled. But she has a talent that is like no other, she has the gift for music and with the audion into the pregious music schol Finley is trying to find inspiration to finish her song but her heart, body and mind is dark. She travels to Ireland as a foreign exchange student hoping to relive her dead brothers trip. And saved in her phone is the picture she thinks will finish her song and perhaps heal herself but the problem is she has no clue where it is and that picture of the cross is going to be one of the hardest things to find.

But along the way she runs into a famous actor named Beckett Rush, every teen girl crushes on him but Finley is just the opposite she wants nothing to do with him. And Rush takes that as a challenge and in the end Finley doesn't really have a choice anymore, either help Rush or be stuck at the house with no way to go sight-seeing.

Soon they both discover things about each other, things that are kept locked into the confines of their mind and as the audtion slowly creeps upon her it's a mad dash to find herself and the one thing she believes will help her heal.

Last thoughts:

Beautiful ending, I loved that some of the issues weren't totally solve making it that much more realistic. I enjoyed this read and recommend it to those who are lost or have been lost. It's a heart warming story, a story we all can learn from. I can't wait to read more stories by Jones and see what she has in store for us. I rate this book 5 stars!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Exciting Thriller!!

First thoughts:

Wow was that one of the quickest reads I have ever read. The action was set just perfect, the characters point of views brought up at the right time. I loved how we got to explore different personalities, to actually get a feel on what it's like to be in someone else's shoes. I would definately read more by this author, her writing is hypnotizing and very well thought out.


Nikki is has a lot to learn when it comes to dealing with pain and knowing how to help someone when they're in dire need of saving. And when a mysterious email is sent out to select teachers and the principle about a possible attack to the school Nikki steps in to play detective.

She is asked to be the eyes and ears of her small towns high schools student body. And the more she listens in on people's life the more she slowly unravels herself. She begins to learn that people put on masks, they choose to what to show you and you never know who could be the one to finally SNAP! And as her own home life begins to shatter Nikki and torn in different directions, questioning her faith and why suddenly everything is falling apart.

But through out this journey there will be self-discovery, self-healing, and a secret unveiled as the true mask is pulled off and no one is more suprised than Nikki herself.

Last thoughts:

I really enjoyed this wonderful read, it was dark yet light, it had a great realism to it and I think it really has a lesson for each of to learn. And I think I'll leave that to you to discover, I don't want to tell you it because in the end you really wouldn't be learning anything. You need to discover the lesson itself. Kenney did a great job with this book and this definately encourages me to want to look into more books like this and to defiantely be on the look out for future books by her. I definately give this a 5 star rating!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A tale to be told

I really thought this book was full of mystery and suspense. I loved the characters and the journey they had to go on. If you liked National Treasure you'll definately love this! It was a great spin on coding and discovering something that wasn't meant to exist. And the whole ride of this journey we were thrown questions and answers and I believe some of them were left for us the reader to decide. But I loved the writing style and character development. Definately discovered some secrets that were there all along.


Nora comes from a dark history, she recreated herself at a new prep school so she could leave it all behind and start over. But when she runs into a guy named Chris on the first day she is suprised to know he knew of her history from the start. But Chris takes her in anyways and soon Adriane also and the three of them are unseparteable. 2 years later Chris moves into a college dorm room with a myserious guy named Mark. Soon Nora and Mark become and item while Chris and Adriane become their own couple.

And to make life better Nora is in charge of translating letters written in latin to english. And then that's when Nora's journey begins. She comes to learn that Elizabeth and her may not be too different after all.

But when Chris is found dead, Adriane catatonic and Mark missing, Nora puts on her detective hat and goes in search of what happened that night. But things sart connecting the dots, the letters she transcribe leading to her own destiney. Will Nora bring it upon herself to see through the end or will she end of putting her life on the line?

Last thoughts:

A definate exciting read, a great YA read and I'd recommend it to any of you mystery lovers out there. I can't wait to see what else Wasserman has coming but I'll definately be on the look out. Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to view this title early and thank you Wasserman for creating a great and fun read for me. A definate summer read in my book or anytime of the year for that matter.