Friday, September 23, 2011

Hopelessly Discreet

First thoughts:

Where do I start? Compared to the first installment in this saga this one was much more reachable; more deep. The emotions in this book was outstanding, the writing was so precise that I actually empathized with Eden. I could actually feel the emotions she was going through and boy were there a lot. The point is, "Hopeless Magic" is a book like no other and be warned, compared to the first book this one is totally different but in the best possible way.


Lilly is finally back but things aren't better. Eden is the middle of two guys fighting over her and trying to keep her idenity a secret even from the man she loves the most. But soon Sabastian is introduced "Kiran's cousin" and he is there on terms that only he knows. But when he discovers that Eden was raised by human and hadn't done the traditional "Eternal Walk" she is sent to India to do just that. But the resistance and her twin brother are skeptical, thinking Luthern the king has plans of his own to take Eden.

Eden is forced to travel, she can't not speak a word till the task is complete and she was walk through the cave to finish her task but she worries her real identity will be revealed and is scared of the outcome.

Throughout this book Eden is put on trial after trial and not until the last few chapters does she discover the biggest trial of all.

Last thoughts:

You really have to appreciate this author on how she is beautiful with words and knows how to change the plot even more and make it better. I never knew this book could be better than the first but I was allowed to see sides of the characters that I hadn't been granted access to before. This is definately a more emotional read and advise if read to be far warned. What you read from this book is something you can cherish to yourself and perhaps learn a thing or two.

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