Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A tale to be told

I really thought this book was full of mystery and suspense. I loved the characters and the journey they had to go on. If you liked National Treasure you'll definately love this! It was a great spin on coding and discovering something that wasn't meant to exist. And the whole ride of this journey we were thrown questions and answers and I believe some of them were left for us the reader to decide. But I loved the writing style and character development. Definately discovered some secrets that were there all along.


Nora comes from a dark history, she recreated herself at a new prep school so she could leave it all behind and start over. But when she runs into a guy named Chris on the first day she is suprised to know he knew of her history from the start. But Chris takes her in anyways and soon Adriane also and the three of them are unseparteable. 2 years later Chris moves into a college dorm room with a myserious guy named Mark. Soon Nora and Mark become and item while Chris and Adriane become their own couple.

And to make life better Nora is in charge of translating letters written in latin to english. And then that's when Nora's journey begins. She comes to learn that Elizabeth and her may not be too different after all.

But when Chris is found dead, Adriane catatonic and Mark missing, Nora puts on her detective hat and goes in search of what happened that night. But things sart connecting the dots, the letters she transcribe leading to her own destiney. Will Nora bring it upon herself to see through the end or will she end of putting her life on the line?

Last thoughts:

A definate exciting read, a great YA read and I'd recommend it to any of you mystery lovers out there. I can't wait to see what else Wasserman has coming but I'll definately be on the look out. Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to view this title early and thank you Wasserman for creating a great and fun read for me. A definate summer read in my book or anytime of the year for that matter.

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