Thursday, April 28, 2011

A New Favorite of Mine!!

Frist Thoughts:

This was such an amazing and beautiful story. Downham's writing was so beautiful and poetic, it flowed as smooth as a river on a crisp summer morning. This story was written to capture the hearts of the reader and to suck you into Tessa's world so that we could actually know what it is like to live with or have leukemia. I Loved this story all the way around, the structure of it was perfect, the scenery was described in great detail and the emotional pull was what kept the reader and me reading. This was a sad, realistic and wonderful read. There are no words to truly express how this book made me feel and how it changed my view on my own life...If only life wasn't so short.


Tessa is diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 13 and three years later at the age of 16 she knows she's going to die, there is no cure for her, its a matter of welting away till there is no more of her. Soon she comes up with a list of things she wants to do before she have sex, do drugs and say yes to everything for one day....and so with the help of her best friend Zoey she sets off to do these things...

But soon in the midst of all this chaos comes her guardian angel, the boy next door named Adam. He swoops her off her feet and caters to her everyneed, but Tessa wants to push him away, she doesn't want to become attached, she doesn't want anyone to feel the loss of her but soon enough they both know there's no stay apart. Tessa knows she can cross out number 8 on her list; fall in love.

In this captivating story, a girl is trying to find peace within herself before she moves on, she doesn't want to feel like once she dies no one will remember her; she wants to be remembered...

Last Thoughts:

I love, love, love this book, it has moved to the top of my favorites list because it is one of those books that takes you by the hand gently, makes friends with you and then pulls you under so that you can't get out, it's one of those tear jerkers that forces you to keep a stack of tissue beside you and pray that perhaps she will pull through...I want to thank Downham for creating such a mastermind that allows the readers to experience something so special, so personal that I can feel the emotinal drain the main character Tessa feels. This author's writing is showing rather than telling the reader a story of magically woven words, that fill the blissful pages with wonderful interwoven sentences...I give this story 5 stars for such a beautiful and engrossing read.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lemniscate; Great Sequel to "Angel Star"

First Thoughts:


Alright, first things first. You must realize that I have absolutely fallen in love with Garreth and when I saw a different side of him in here I was like what?! But he is exactly how he should be and I have come to terms with that. I loved the darker side to the characters, I was absolutely sucked into a deep vortex where at times I literally wanted to kick some butt for Teagan but I soon realized that it was only a book and no one was around to express my rage for certain people. *cough* -Brynn- and that I needed to get a grip on myself. This was definately a more emotinal read than "Angel Star" and it had me questioning my view on certain things. It was a very fast read for me and I totally love it and I might even like it better than "Angel Star" but only because I found a deeper connection with Teagan and some of the other characters. And I must now admit that while reading this book the entire time I listened to the track inspired for it. Yes, I listened to only those songs while reading this book. I found the song that helped connect me better to the book was "Call me when you're Sober" by Evanescence. That song seriously connected me to the book more than any of the others. These songs were picked by the author where I created them in a playlist and if you want to check them out here's the link to my blog where the playlist is: But anyways, this book literally had me on the edge of my seat, so much happened in this book and the ending was definately a suprise.


Teagan finally knows who she is but little does she know there is much more expected of her. And to top things off Garreth has changed, distancing him from her and she is left alone. Her best friend is dead, her mother is now dating Brynn's father (Yes Brynn that's made Teagan's life a living hell) and now she is left with Ryan, Claire's boyfriend when she was alive and the two of them are trying to understand what is happening around them. And the scariest thing has happened yet, Hadrian has returned and Teagan is faced with the fear of what happens next...

In this sequel to "Angel Star" Teagan is faced with her greatest fears and she must overcome the hurt and loss and believe in herself. This is an epic journey where dark and light intermingle and it is up to Teagan to figure out whether to follow the light or dark and to know her destiney.

Last Thoughts:

A wonderful read, I fell in love with the characters and plot. The ending definately was an eye opener and I was quite satisfied with everythng. no questions were left unanswered which is a relief considering I've read books where there are so many things left unsaid but this wasn't one of them. I would totally recommend this to anyone who has a love for light and dark and angels. A must read!! I give this book 5 stars for it's originality and it's beautiful writing!! Thank you Jennifer for creating such a mastermind.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Heart-Stopping read

First thoughts:

OMG! I didn't know that I could like this even more than the first. This book seriously had me on the edge of my seat. The best part about this book is the ever growing characters, each one keeps suprising me more and more. Such a beautiful and captivating story, and definately emotional. Because in the end everything turns upside down and a much more dangerous and winding path opens before them.


After being rescued by Wes from Andy's death grasp they grow even closer together. They desperately cling to each other and vow to never part. And Sophie's impending death is a very stressful matter to them, Wes is protecting her even more but when Sophie has enough she makes him promise that the two of them from that moment on would carve a new future for them, one that outsmarts fate.

But soon on the clouds roll in, a mysterious guy named Chase comes into the mix, threating thier balance and when they take a trip to Virginia with Dawn, Jackson, Rich, and Kerry things turn from amazing to wierd and frightening.

In the end Sophie has to make a descision on whats to happen next because in all truth, nothings going to be the same after what she does next.

Last Thoughts:

This next installment in the series is one you won't want to miss, it's definately one of those books you just want to crawl up next to and read by the fire and read it non-stop till there is no more. It definately was a book that kept me from doing my homework, which in all honesty was so worth it!! Thanks Shelena for writing such a wonderful story, I honestly cannot wait till "Iron Quills" Keep up the great work!! I'll definatly be recommending this to anyone who will listen to me!! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Pace...

First Thoughts:

What do I say about this book? It was beyond anything I had imagined. I have been wanting to read this book for some time now but kept putting it off because of all the other books pushed my way but finally due to a mishap of not getting "Lemniscate" on time I decided to finally read this and boy am I glad I did! I Loved Weston and Sophie, their relationship is beyond anything I could ever hope for in my life but it sure is good to read about it in books....


Alright it's going to be short because there's a lot of mystery in this book and I think it's better if you discover it on your own but I'll give you a brief summary.

Sophie has moved a lot in her life, her mom drifting them from one town to another till they finally settle in California. Sophie is estatic because she found an online school where it invovles no face to face interaction with teachers or students. But her mother fears of her being without friends so she makes a deal with Sophie that she has to meet her every thursday on campus of a university for Lunch and she can take the online school, of course our dear Sophie agrees.

But one of the times she is leaving from one of their lunches she gets a call from her friend from the last place she came from and it startles her causing her to back into a very sleek black maserati, she instantly freaks but then comes face to face with a very handsome guy who happens to look around her age. She immediately panics at see the damage to his car she tries offering the guy her information but he says he has it covered and smiles at her. she can do nothing but stare dumbstruck. He then leaves and as does she. She arrives home and tells her mother who then calls the accident into the insurance agency where they come out and determine that it would cost 500 dollars to fix. So Wes, which was the guy's car she ran into insists he pay for the damage but he refuses...but he somehow gets her car fixed without her knowing and soon she finds herself in a world of udder confusion. They soon grow close and one thing leads to the next until Wes reveals not only something unusual about himself but about Sophie.

Last Thoughts:

I really am glad I finally got around to reading this book and have already bought the "Broken Lake" on my kindle. Weston and Sophie definately already have me wrapped around their fingers. I fell in love with them instantly not only for their great character development but for their total mysteriouness. I definately give this book 5 stars!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yet Another Great Book

First thoughts:

This book really touched my heart, it was deep, realistic and most importantly it was very well written. I loved the character development of Holly the most, seeing her transform from a grief stricken and accepting caterpillar to a very happy and strong butterfly was amazing to read. This was a very fast read to me, it captured my attention from the beginning, being able to see points of view from four different characters really supported all the conflict in the story. I think if you didn't get everyone's point of view you wouldn't get as much of a powerful message.


Holly has just lost her boyfriend she loves in a tragic car accident. The worst part is she was in the accident and she survived and he didn't. Her home life is even worse, she lives in a shabby apartment and her mom is always working, trying to support their single family. Holly has to care for her younger sister Lena and now her Alzheimer's grandfather who is getting worse each day.

Jason is trying his best to win Holly's heart and try to break her of her pain of Rob. Not only was Rob Holly's boyfriend but he was Jason's best friend.

And Rob is a ghost now and is stuck in between, unsure of how to move on.

Throughout this story the characters are trying to accomplish their one goal and to move on to life and be happy. but will Rob ever make it to the light? and is there more to this story than we first suspected?

Last Thoughts:

This was a very great read, I'd recommend it to anyone who loves a realistic book and perhaps is suffereing through some of the same problems, perhaps this book will inspire you to stand up for yourself and become a better you! I give this book 4.5 stars for it's engrosssing read.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Touching Novel

First Thoughts:

What does one say about a book that has you thinking about your own life?! Though this book never actually made me down right cry it still touched me in a way that few books can ever do. I got so wrapped up in Sam's life and what she was feeling that I felt I myself was questioning my actions in life. This book is truly a beautiful craft in itself and will forever more be in my mind.


Sam has it perfect, she's popular and has the hottest boyfriend in school. But when she goes to a party and her friends get drunk and on their way home get into an accident, Sam's life changes forever. She wakes up the next day to find that it's actually yesterday Friday February 12th, the night she thought she died. Sam keeps having to relive the day she dies over and over and she can't understand why. But along the way she discovers secrets that are more deadly than the tree that they hit. Soon Sam is not only on a mission to save herself but to save someone she thought was pyscho.

Throughout the 7 days she relives this day she goes through all the stages of grief, she's mad, sad, denies that she's dead and then acceptance. But Sam's acceptance is chilling, she gives up, she figures 'what's the point? I'm already dead' it in my eyes is very accurate because we've all gone through a time where life get's rocky and we question not only ourself but the people around us.

Last thoughts:

The imagery in this book was amazing, all the imagery of butterflies and how she is feeling each day was beyond amazing. I will never forget this book, the emotions and thoughts it brought to me will be ingrained in my mind for the rest of my life and beyond. I wish to recommend this to everyone. I think everyone needs a wake-up call in their life, this was mine, perhaps it will be yours too.