Thursday, April 28, 2011

A New Favorite of Mine!!

Frist Thoughts:

This was such an amazing and beautiful story. Downham's writing was so beautiful and poetic, it flowed as smooth as a river on a crisp summer morning. This story was written to capture the hearts of the reader and to suck you into Tessa's world so that we could actually know what it is like to live with or have leukemia. I Loved this story all the way around, the structure of it was perfect, the scenery was described in great detail and the emotional pull was what kept the reader and me reading. This was a sad, realistic and wonderful read. There are no words to truly express how this book made me feel and how it changed my view on my own life...If only life wasn't so short.


Tessa is diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 13 and three years later at the age of 16 she knows she's going to die, there is no cure for her, its a matter of welting away till there is no more of her. Soon she comes up with a list of things she wants to do before she have sex, do drugs and say yes to everything for one day....and so with the help of her best friend Zoey she sets off to do these things...

But soon in the midst of all this chaos comes her guardian angel, the boy next door named Adam. He swoops her off her feet and caters to her everyneed, but Tessa wants to push him away, she doesn't want to become attached, she doesn't want anyone to feel the loss of her but soon enough they both know there's no stay apart. Tessa knows she can cross out number 8 on her list; fall in love.

In this captivating story, a girl is trying to find peace within herself before she moves on, she doesn't want to feel like once she dies no one will remember her; she wants to be remembered...

Last Thoughts:

I love, love, love this book, it has moved to the top of my favorites list because it is one of those books that takes you by the hand gently, makes friends with you and then pulls you under so that you can't get out, it's one of those tear jerkers that forces you to keep a stack of tissue beside you and pray that perhaps she will pull through...I want to thank Downham for creating such a mastermind that allows the readers to experience something so special, so personal that I can feel the emotinal drain the main character Tessa feels. This author's writing is showing rather than telling the reader a story of magically woven words, that fill the blissful pages with wonderful interwoven sentences...I give this story 5 stars for such a beautiful and engrossing read.

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