Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another wonderful Debut Author!!

First Thoughts:

I had no idea what I was getting into when I was given the opportunity to review this book. I hadn't so much as heard about this book but boy am I glad I did!! It had a fast paced quality to it. It kind of reminded me of the series by Jenna Black "Glimmerglass series" the fairies were creatively created and shown to us...Kimberly definately took the time to create a world of its own. The imagery in this book was fantastic and even though there was a few grammer errors they were nothing, it was the writing itself that took full blossom and created a story that kept me wanting to read further...


This is a story about a girl named Jensen who is thrown into a world she hadn't known existed. She had only known the death of her "supposed parents" and that she lived with a con-artist sister. The two of them were like best friends and relied on each other until one day Jensen witnesses a confession of a murder and see's the guy with wings behind his back. She immediately calls her sister and in response Lauren tells her to not come home and to go in search of the "High wizard". Not knowing what that meant and terribly heart stricken she stumbles upon the fairie she saw early who she comes to realize is Liam.

Soon Jensen discovers more of the world that was hidden away from her and learns more about herself and her family. In the end she has to come to terms that she can no longer look back in her old life and that there is only one path that lies ahead.

Last Thoughts:

I definately recommend this book for anyone who loves a new take on fairies and loves a fast read. This one sure had a suprise ending. I'm hoping that Kimberly has more in store for us because there is one thing for sure the ending of "Shimmerspell" leaves you wanting more...Thanks Kimberly for allowing me to read your precious baby, it was a treat in itself. The writing was definately one worth reading!!

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