Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Amazing Story....

This book absolutely had me on the tips of my toes. It was beautiful writing to begin with and by the time I got to the last page I was completly satisfied, all questions were answered and all lose ends tied! And the beautiful story that took place at Pendrell, an elite boarding school where Yara encounters the most drop dead gorgeous guy named Brent. and to top matters off Yara is hoarding a power so big by the time the story comes to conclude you'll be in awe. I loved the romance, the humor and especially the mystery behind the curse that lurks this all hollow's school. Be prepared guys for a treat of a lifetime, buckle up, sit back and prepare yourself a cup of coffee because there's one thing certain, you'll be reading this book into the late hours of the night.

And one things for sure Lani Woodland is an author you should be on the look for because she has talent and I can't wait to see what other stories she harbors! I give this 5 Laces!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This is one book I totally picked up by pure curiousity, I saw it sitting in Barnes and Noble and instantly fell in love with it. Dead Beautiful was both beautiful and imaginative, I was sucked in from the beautifully crafted cover, Woon did a fantastic job at creating characters who were relateable and who seemed more real then you and me. I fell in love with the state of  Maine's scenery and I instantly wanted to register for the books  boarding school "Gottfried Academy". This book has a sense of mysteriousness and eerieness. There are parts that I myself wouldn't be caught dead in, but it goes on to show you how strong the protagonist(Renee Winters) is; to be able to put complete trust in a guy she just met and go into a dark and creepy tunnel; it takes guts! Dante Berlin is one of the most gorgeous guys at this academy but he also keeps to himself and is the only student who doesn't live on campus. But why is that? Why doesn't he have any friends? What secret is he keeping? And is it dangerous? This book has an alluring personality and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book that ties mystery and the paranormal. The only part I'd say I felt was wrong was the end, it ended so quickly and even though there is a sequel in the works, you still can't help but feel upset over the matter!

5 Laces for being a book that kept me up at all hours of the night and away from my college work!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creepy but AMAZING!!

Shadow Hills was an Amazing book, I was itching to get my hands on this book for some time now and let me tell you this book did not disappoint.

It starts off with a girl named Persephone(Nickname Phe) who travels to a boarding school in Shadow Hills after her sister's death. Phe comes to meet various characters who drag her deep into Shadow Hill's deepest roots and when she meets a mysterious and I must say HOT guy named Zac she soon finds herself discovering not only herself but the secrets that Shadow Hill's holds. Phe soon finds that she too holds a part in the magic these residents of Shadow Hill's pocess, the only thing that will save them is Light.

This book ties a sense of dark and light together that takes the reader on a journey they'll never forget. This book adds a bit of paranomalcy and love. I give this book 5 stars, I couldn't put this book down and long after I finished it I found myself connected to the characters and thinking about them long into the night.  It was creepy and mysterious, I absolutely loved how the writing flowed across the page and how things you thought weren't possible became a reality. I recommend this book to any teen who is looking for a good read and thrill!! I give this 5 Laces for the abundance of inspiration and comfort!!

It's Back!!!!

If you have read this series you would have to agree that the series was getting a little shady there. I about gave up on the series but Burned turned it all around. Stevie Rae is tested to her limits and Stark the once shy and immature boy has finally blossomed into a true and honorable man. This book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, not once do you find yourself wanting to put down the book and never revisit it again. This book is a fantastic and fun read, though it might not be for every reader, there's just some things that can't be described in a review, if I could conjure up a word that describes this book, well it just wouldn't be known to the dictionary, because it doesn't exist. For anyone who has just about given up on the series, reign yourselves back in, strap yourself down to you seat and be prepared for the most thrilling ride of your lifetime!

I Give this book 4 and a Half Laces for turning around and creating a very great read!

A book that was Anticipated by Most....

Okay, this book was AMAZING! I never thought I would finish it so quickly, the book pulled me in every direction and I swear I was about to break! Be warned though that the characters are a little different in this book but only because you are able to see another side of them. There were times where I cried for the torment some of the characters felt and there was a time where I wanted to throw the book against the wall and curse the character who caused me so much anger. But in all that's how you want to react to a book right? Don't you want to feel all the emotions thicken and swirl around you, causing you to put the book down and come back to it a couple hours later? I love a good book that causes me to feel. This was definately worth all five stars.

Rose is on yet another mission in her life. Her love Demetrie is still a strigoi and she's going to do anything possible to get her true love back even if it's illegal. This heart pounding contiuation of Rose's story takes you through journey's that were unexpected and almost hard to believe. She has finally graduated and is now on her way to the royal court where she must await her futre assignment, whatever that may be. There are allies in the depths and enemies within the court but can Rose determine who those are? When things finally look like they might work out something tragic happens, the conclusion to this book was heartpounding and heartwretching and leaves you on a cliffhanger that will have you screaming for "The Last Sacrifice". Two thumbs up! An Amazing book that will have you screaming for more.
I give this 5 Laces for the plot line and Amazing twists!!

Uh....Can Someone turn on the Lights?

This book was a serious eye opener for me. I've never read a book that quite made me feel like this one. Could you imagine getting betrayed by your own parents and be sent to be "unwound"? In other words, they take apart every piece of your body and sell it away to someone who might need it, whether it be if someone broke their arm or if someone wanted to change thier eyes! Scary to think of isn't it?

Unwind starts out introducing three characters who are about to be sent to be uwound. Connor, the kid who has fire in his heart, Risa the one who isn't wanted anymore and Lev, the one who wants to be unwound. Yep, you heard me, he's known his whole life he was going to be unwound and he's doing it as a sacrifice to God. I don't know about you but that's creepy. On the eve of when Connor is going to be sent away he sneaks out to escape his soon to be unwinding. He soon embarks on a journey that gets Risa's and Lev's lifes intertwined with his. They end up at camp where they will do anything to survive. But will that be enough to save them from unwinding? Or will they get captured and soon face what they knew was coming all along?

This book had me unwinding at the bit and there is one scene I will never forget. Though in the end I know that reading this book has taught me about society and what could happen if we don't watch it closely.
I give this book 4 and a Half Laces on the count of unerving me!!

Will You be my Angel?

What must I say about this book...I picked this book up for sheer curiosity, I'm very much into angels (If you don't know I'm writing a book about them) and I had heard nothing about this book SO I picked it up at my local library and set to devouring the entire book in a two day period.

This book changed my view on angels. It gave me a new perspective on how a guardian angel feels and what it takes to be one. Freya has always been able to see angels but everyone around her tried to convience her they weren't real so one day after she was brought back home from the pysic ward she had given up on angels. That is until a dark looming feathered creature lurks in Freya's shadows. Soon Freya is pushed to the limits to discover who she really is and deal with what has become of her life and family. Stephanie a firm believer in angels soon brings Freya from her depth's to realize yes guardian angels exists.

This book holds a dark and twisted angel and one that shone as bright as the sun, can they both come togehter and create something that is as rare as the guradian angels themselves?
I give 4 Laces!!

A Love Unbound....

This is a book about a young teen couple Morgan and Cam who are completly in love with each other and have been ever since they were little. One day Cam's cousin Pip comes and their whole world turns upside down. Cam start's acting completly abnormal until one day a fortune cookie that Cam gives Morgan reveals that Cam needs help...Cam is a fairy and now the faires want Cam back, the journey soon starts when Morgan fights to keep Cam; her true love. This kept me interested throughtout the entire book, and the words flowed perfectly and the only flaw that I encountered was the length, by the end of the story I was grasping for more!

This book was one of the first books that made me's an amazing book and suitable for any young girl who is looking for thier true love. 5 Laces!!

An Eye Opener for All....

This book truly opened my eyes to the world of addiction. Alice the main character is addicted to drugs and no matter how hard she trys to quit, the more she is drawn to the drugs. She struggles to get her life back to normal, make things go back to the way they used to be before she met her enemy; drugs. I believe that teens and young adults should read this book. Maybe, just maybe, it might save someones life. (literally) The author did a beautiful job illistrating the characters motives and actions, not once did I feel confused and lost, this book kept me interested and never once did I want to put this down. I urge those who are willing to open their eyes to addiction read this and share with those who need more than you! I give this book 4 Laces!!

A Reality that Hit home for Teens and Cutting....

Willow is a touching story about a girl who lost both her parents in a car accident while she was driving. The guilt of causing her parents deaths hangs over Willow heavily and the only way she sees in coping in their deaths is by cutting.To make matters worse she goes and lives with her older brother who has just started a family. She feels responsible for taking away their parents from him and they each drift away from each other. Willow has a part time job at their library and gives all her money to her brother to pay for her stay...She keeps reliving the accident over and over, the rain falling heavily, her just having a permit; a new driver, her parents had had too much to drink so she took the responsibilty of driving them home. She soon falls into a black hole....until she meets this guy named Guy. Guy pulls her from the depths of darkness to show her that she wasn't to be blamed that she needs to move on and accept what happened and get her life back. That there's more to life then cutting and also better ways to relieve that pain; like crying.

This book was very well written and expresses great character emotion that will make any girl cry.