Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Love Unbound....

This is a book about a young teen couple Morgan and Cam who are completly in love with each other and have been ever since they were little. One day Cam's cousin Pip comes and their whole world turns upside down. Cam start's acting completly abnormal until one day a fortune cookie that Cam gives Morgan reveals that Cam needs help...Cam is a fairy and now the faires want Cam back, the journey soon starts when Morgan fights to keep Cam; her true love. This kept me interested throughtout the entire book, and the words flowed perfectly and the only flaw that I encountered was the length, by the end of the story I was grasping for more!

This book was one of the first books that made me's an amazing book and suitable for any young girl who is looking for thier true love. 5 Laces!!

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