Thursday, October 21, 2010

Will You be my Angel?

What must I say about this book...I picked this book up for sheer curiosity, I'm very much into angels (If you don't know I'm writing a book about them) and I had heard nothing about this book SO I picked it up at my local library and set to devouring the entire book in a two day period.

This book changed my view on angels. It gave me a new perspective on how a guardian angel feels and what it takes to be one. Freya has always been able to see angels but everyone around her tried to convience her they weren't real so one day after she was brought back home from the pysic ward she had given up on angels. That is until a dark looming feathered creature lurks in Freya's shadows. Soon Freya is pushed to the limits to discover who she really is and deal with what has become of her life and family. Stephanie a firm believer in angels soon brings Freya from her depth's to realize yes guardian angels exists.

This book holds a dark and twisted angel and one that shone as bright as the sun, can they both come togehter and create something that is as rare as the guradian angels themselves?
I give 4 Laces!!

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