Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Reality that Hit home for Teens and Cutting....

Willow is a touching story about a girl who lost both her parents in a car accident while she was driving. The guilt of causing her parents deaths hangs over Willow heavily and the only way she sees in coping in their deaths is by cutting.To make matters worse she goes and lives with her older brother who has just started a family. She feels responsible for taking away their parents from him and they each drift away from each other. Willow has a part time job at their library and gives all her money to her brother to pay for her stay...She keeps reliving the accident over and over, the rain falling heavily, her just having a permit; a new driver, her parents had had too much to drink so she took the responsibilty of driving them home. She soon falls into a black hole....until she meets this guy named Guy. Guy pulls her from the depths of darkness to show her that she wasn't to be blamed that she needs to move on and accept what happened and get her life back. That there's more to life then cutting and also better ways to relieve that pain; like crying.

This book was very well written and expresses great character emotion that will make any girl cry.

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