Monday, December 20, 2010

Exciting Read

Ouside In was the second book in the series. Outside In took place in the inside of the space craft where a society knows little about anything Outside, like space or planets. They have been sheltered from anything but their own soceity. But in this book Trella has just won the fight between the pop cops and the uppers. Now when she thought the worst was behind her she finds the committee wasn't the best way to go. She distances herself from leading, afraid of disappointing so many people. But when incidents keep occuring and lives are lost she is forced to once again step up and beomce the Queen of the Pipes. In this anticipated sequel to Inside Out we uncover more about Trellas mysterious society and get a glimspe of how they feel when their whole world is turn upside down. The question now is "Are you ready to know the truth about Outside?"

I thought Mrs. Synder did an excellent job on creating a plot that flowed smoothly, adding parts to give dramatic relief but at the same time keeping it interesting. The character development was quite impressive, introducing us to characters who we didn't know and showing the audience exactly who they were yet keeping some of thier secrets locked deep in a safe. We were also shown to the old characters, she expanded on them and allowed us to see another side that we hadn't seen before. Trella was shown in a different light and we were shown some of her weakness that we hadn't got to see much in the first book. Riley was also developed more and we were able to decipher more about what he was thinking and what made him who he was.

The ending was very well tied up, we were left with very few questions and it gave the reader a sense of closure to this book, satifying in a way.

The only thing I found negative about this book was how so much information was there, I found myself a little confused at times and would have to go back a few pages and re-read a part but after going back I was able to move forward and enjoy more about the story.

Overall I gave this book 4 1/2 stars and really recommend anyone to read it who is looking for a sci-fy book that is for a young person. This book is for all of you who have ever imagined yourself stuck on a space ship and wondering what it would be like, and if that's you well get on board and be prepared for the ride of your lifetime.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Stars for "Iron Queen" to summon words to describe this story. It definately had me on the tip of my toes, never ceasing to suprise me. Kagawa did a fantastic job of deeping the main characters personaliteis, bringing out characteristics that have been lying dormant in them. I got to see a side of Ash never seen before, his soft side. We get an insight into how much he loves Meghan and what he would do to keep her safe and happy. And then Puck who also loves Meghan but is only conisered her best friend, who we see as comical and vibrant in the first two books but in "Iron Queen" we are able to see a side of Puck that is dark. He's jealous of course but he expresses his loss in sadness, still being comical but behind those smart remarks is pain. And furthermore we are introduced to more characters who liven this serious but fun read and we are swepted into a world of War, where iron is striving to take over the Nevernever and without Meghans aid there might not be a nevernever. This book was beautifully crafted, the description was edgy and vibrant and the plot twisted down paths that weren't expected. The ending was shocking, I never saw it coming and yet we are introduced into Ash's point of view, setting up the next book "The Iron Knight"

Meghan is faced with a battle whom only she can fight, she is forced into the Iron Realm where she must find and destroy the false Iron king. In through this journey she is accompied by Ash and Puck and a certain curious cat. You are thrusted into a coaster of turns and twists and in the end you are left wondering "what's going to happen next" In this third installment of the series you are left to discover the power of healing and love. I give this book 5 stars, it sure won my heart and soul!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Synder's Done it Again!!

Trella is considered to be a Scrub, one of the many who do the dirty work for the community which happens to be a spaceship in outerspace! She has always worked cleaning the air ducts and never questioned their ways. The uppers were the priviledge the ones who had a much better life. But soon Trella discovers that she could be the one to change the whole system, she soon becomes the one to start the revolution!

This book to me was slow for the first 90 pages but it was only because Synder had to cover so much; get the reader the basic information so that she could continue the story. The characters were surreal, it was like you could pin point them out and say "Hey that could be my friend..." The plot was created to were there was action, suspense and even a little romance. This was Synder's first young adult book and I was glad I picked it up and gave it a chance. The words flowed smoothly and the end left you on a cliff hanger. What more could a reader ask for?

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a book that creates ideas of another possiblitly. Giving both the reader and the writer a journey through self-discovery and awe. I give this book 5 stars! Can't wait to get my hands on Outside In which will be coming out next year! Maria Synder has done it again! She created a novel that lives outside her most adored story "The Study Series".

Stunning and Beautiful

The shack had me completly in awe, I have never seen such a creative approach to how God helps his people. In this book a man's daughter is kidnapped and killed and he turns his eyes from God and go into a deep hole, fighting to stay away from the pain. The loss of his daughter is great and the worst part is he blames himelf. Years later he finds a letter from God asking him to go to The Shack where his daughter was murdered, he at first thinks it's nonsense; a cruel joke. But then he begins to question himself. He soon travels to the Shack where he meet's God, in different forms and there he begins the long journey of accepting his daughters death and moving on. Believing God had his reason for taking her at such a young age.

I found this book very enjoyable and found a box of kleenex was necessary, there's just nothing sweeter then seeing the process of healing through words. The author did a fantastic job on creating scenes that were both believeable and yet creative and outside of this world. I would recommend this to anyone who has lost their child or just looking for a book about how God works his magic! I definately gives this book 5 Stars! It's worth every minute of time it took for me to read it and can't wait to share it with so many others.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Such a young author, such a great book!

I won this book in a contest and was excited to see what such a young author could muster up, and she didn't disappoint.

The storyline which twists down rugged roads was exciting and quicked paced. I was able to read this book in a day, and the only thing that disappointed me was that it was so short,this book is for anyone who is looking for a book that captures the beauty of a person't soul and deciphers a story that could very much be true.

Swanilde is faced with many challenges, learing of her family's deepest secret doesn't help. Swanilde finds herself in egypt where she meets a family who takes her in as there own and it is there that she finds the acceptance she so desires. But when things get twisted and secrets are revealed, Swailde finds herself on the run again and in fear of what's to come.

There is one thing for sure about this author, she's talented and I can't wait to see what she's going to come up with in the future and it's going to be bright, going to the top that girl is.