Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stunning and Beautiful

The shack had me completly in awe, I have never seen such a creative approach to how God helps his people. In this book a man's daughter is kidnapped and killed and he turns his eyes from God and go into a deep hole, fighting to stay away from the pain. The loss of his daughter is great and the worst part is he blames himelf. Years later he finds a letter from God asking him to go to The Shack where his daughter was murdered, he at first thinks it's nonsense; a cruel joke. But then he begins to question himself. He soon travels to the Shack where he meet's God, in different forms and there he begins the long journey of accepting his daughters death and moving on. Believing God had his reason for taking her at such a young age.

I found this book very enjoyable and found a box of kleenex was necessary, there's just nothing sweeter then seeing the process of healing through words. The author did a fantastic job on creating scenes that were both believeable and yet creative and outside of this world. I would recommend this to anyone who has lost their child or just looking for a book about how God works his magic! I definately gives this book 5 Stars! It's worth every minute of time it took for me to read it and can't wait to share it with so many others.

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