Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Stars for "Iron Queen" to summon words to describe this story. It definately had me on the tip of my toes, never ceasing to suprise me. Kagawa did a fantastic job of deeping the main characters personaliteis, bringing out characteristics that have been lying dormant in them. I got to see a side of Ash never seen before, his soft side. We get an insight into how much he loves Meghan and what he would do to keep her safe and happy. And then Puck who also loves Meghan but is only conisered her best friend, who we see as comical and vibrant in the first two books but in "Iron Queen" we are able to see a side of Puck that is dark. He's jealous of course but he expresses his loss in sadness, still being comical but behind those smart remarks is pain. And furthermore we are introduced to more characters who liven this serious but fun read and we are swepted into a world of War, where iron is striving to take over the Nevernever and without Meghans aid there might not be a nevernever. This book was beautifully crafted, the description was edgy and vibrant and the plot twisted down paths that weren't expected. The ending was shocking, I never saw it coming and yet we are introduced into Ash's point of view, setting up the next book "The Iron Knight"

Meghan is faced with a battle whom only she can fight, she is forced into the Iron Realm where she must find and destroy the false Iron king. In through this journey she is accompied by Ash and Puck and a certain curious cat. You are thrusted into a coaster of turns and twists and in the end you are left wondering "what's going to happen next" In this third installment of the series you are left to discover the power of healing and love. I give this book 5 stars, it sure won my heart and soul!

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