Monday, May 9, 2011

New and Fresh!!

First Thoughts:

I have now read this book twice now, I read it the first time in literally a day because the storyline was so inviting and warm. The second time I read it just as fast. The concept was just so interesting and fresh that I had to understand the things revolving around the characters. This is definately a book I will be re-reading through out my life just so the concept itself won't ever leave my mind.

Short Summary:

About a girl named Alison who wakes up in a psychiatric ward not having any recollection on how she got there...soon she discovers that she could have killed a girl named Tori. She fears inside that she is responsible as her memory slowly twinkles back in...

And Alison is no normal girl by any means, she has a type of gift that allows her to see shapes, letters, sounds and smells as a distinct color and gives her heightened senses. She can see what kind of person you are just by your name and how it surrounds's in a way a sixth sense but in this case she doesn't see ghosts, just another level of the spectrum that is called Ultraviolet.

Soon Alison comes to meet a "doctor" named Faraday, he helps her understand what her gift is and secretly in return she can help him. But will it be worth it in the end? Will Alison finally get her life back together?!

Last Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book, it was so unique and colorful that it definately suited my tastes and likes. I only had a problem with the end, I wish there could have been more, I wished that some of the things that happened didn't happen but in all good books there is always something that is meant to be and in this book that is the case. I totally recommend this book, its a fast read, enjoyable and something that isn't using the same plot line like so many other books...I say just give this book a chance and be wowed!!

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