Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Heart-Stopping read

First thoughts:

OMG! I didn't know that I could like this even more than the first. This book seriously had me on the edge of my seat. The best part about this book is the ever growing characters, each one keeps suprising me more and more. Such a beautiful and captivating story, and definately emotional. Because in the end everything turns upside down and a much more dangerous and winding path opens before them.


After being rescued by Wes from Andy's death grasp they grow even closer together. They desperately cling to each other and vow to never part. And Sophie's impending death is a very stressful matter to them, Wes is protecting her even more but when Sophie has enough she makes him promise that the two of them from that moment on would carve a new future for them, one that outsmarts fate.

But soon on the clouds roll in, a mysterious guy named Chase comes into the mix, threating thier balance and when they take a trip to Virginia with Dawn, Jackson, Rich, and Kerry things turn from amazing to wierd and frightening.

In the end Sophie has to make a descision on whats to happen next because in all truth, nothings going to be the same after what she does next.

Last Thoughts:

This next installment in the series is one you won't want to miss, it's definately one of those books you just want to crawl up next to and read by the fire and read it non-stop till there is no more. It definately was a book that kept me from doing my homework, which in all honesty was so worth it!! Thanks Shelena for writing such a wonderful story, I honestly cannot wait till "Iron Quills" Keep up the great work!! I'll definatly be recommending this to anyone who will listen to me!! 

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