Friday, September 30, 2011


First thoughts:

I was hooked; a goner from the first chapter I read. I loved this book, the creative idea, the connection from the character to the reader, the overwhelming desire to never let it end. Michelle Hodkin created a world that had a high realism to it but also a splash of paranormal. This was a fresh and new plot, it is one to captivate its reader and put them under a spell. The most I liked about this book had to be the realism. To actually feel like this is how a person in real life would cope with something to this magnitude. To feel the desire to go over the edge but not wanting to at the same time. It was orchestrated perfectly and I was left stunned and breathless by the last page. The attention to details was amazing, the author described every person, thing and thought. While reading this book it was like I was watching a film rather than reading a book, I was lost in a world of awe and inspiration.


Mara Dyer awakes in a hospital with no memory of how she got there. She knows nothing of what happened; especially of her three friends; Rachel, Claire and Jude. They were all pronounced dead, Mara lost three of her friends that day and the only way to cope was to try and discover what happened. But with an espisode with a mirror and a breakdown, Mara's mom threatens to admit her but Mara convinces her family to move; claimng it would be easier not to be around everything that was her old past.

In Miami florida Mara and her older brother Daniel enter a private school and there is where this story really begins. Mara encounters a mysterious guy; Noah. But with a comment from her new friend Jamie she is warned of Noah's reputation of being a womanizer. But she can't stop looking at Noah but she has bigger issues right now, she's seeing her dead friends and she's losing her grip on reality.

Mara is in a ride of her life as she unravels what really took place that night and possibly how she was involved. She soon discovers something about herself that sends her into a tail-spin and the only one there to possibly throw her a life line is Noah. But will he?

Last thoughts:

Loved, loved, loved this story and can't wait till the sequel comes out. The imagery and description in this story connected me to this book in more ways than one. And the fact that the main character Mara is also the name of my sister and the fact that Jude Mara's friend was in there also added the fun; I just got a nephew named Jude. It definately made for a more exciting read. But one things for sure Michelle is very talented and I cannot possibly wait for the return of Mara's world.

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