Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Must read for Teens

Warning: Has the ability to cause a change in your mood, stay away from others till temper has calmed down.

This book really did mess with my mood, that's what's great about it. Especially at the beginning, I'm not usually a kind of person who thinks violent thoughts but the beginning of this book sure did make me think them. I really enjoyed this book, it was one of those read til you finish books. I loved that the plot was fun and fresh. I thought the characters were realistic and people I would love to meet in real life. I really thought this book was something that had a very deep message that everyone needs to hear no matter how you appear on the outside it's about how beautiful you are in the inside.


Wish and Dough have known each other since first grade. And ever since have done everything together but then Wish moves away with his mother and leaves Dough alone with her mother and sister and their run down bakery. But Wish and Dough don't separate completly. They message each other and chat all the time and over a matter of a year or two become boyfriend and girlfriend. But Dough changes from that little tweleve year old girl Wish once knew. She's no longer thin and from what she can see online he has changed from his geeky old self to a sun tanned God.

But then Dough gets a message from her telling her he's moving back and can't wait to see her. Dough can only think that the moment he see's her all bets are off and she's going to lose the only friend she has. But when he sees her he seems just as excited and soon Dough begins to question Wish. Is he just being nice? Or is something else in the works. And to make matters more complicated Christian the new employee of their bakery is telling Dough that Wish is trouble, that he is responsible for disaters. Dough finds herself in race to find answers and more importantly discover her inner beauty.

Last Thoughts:
I really urge teens to read this book, it really teaches you how to be confident about how you look and appear to others. It was a wonderful and easy read, something I would urge others to read. I loved the beautiful language and points in this story. Cyn Balog's writing style is beautiful and always has deeper meaning. I can't wait to see what else Balog has in store for us readers!! And I want to thank Cyn Balog for giving me this book, it has been a fun and awesome read!

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