Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Law Says....

All right, today's most outrageous thing is this sign. Can you believe it? I mean for those of us who are told constantly to read the signs and pay attention, what are we to make of this?

First things first, I must admit as a reader I find this offensive. Reading is something that I am quite fond of and here the law says I cannot read this! It's Outrageous! A person should never be denied a chance at reading something. Could you deny a child of a useful resource? Never!

Second of all it's a contridiction in it's self. You must read a sign in order to understand what you can and cannot do. Am I right? Of course I am. You simply cannot punish a person for attempting to learn the laws and obey them. What is our world coming to?

Also you must look at the penalty of reading the sign. What would the penatly be? Could they really charge you with anything? Of course not, to charge a person you must have evidence and that is where the cops will lack a certain substance. *shakes head*

So, as yoy can see there is some pretty outrageous things out there and just think, this is only the beginning. I will be digging deeper and deeper. Digging into the depths of soceity to find the most juiciest and most outrageous things out there!

Are you ready?

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  1. Agh! I read it... Am I going to get taken off to jail...? *looks around with shifty eyes*