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Another Mind Teaser

Date Published: July 16, 2011
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First Thoughts:
This was definitely a book filled with creativity and the stages of grief, at times it was realistic and others on the other end of the spectrum where I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t. This is a book that will definitely question sanity and whether there really is a plane where reality and the imagination touch. This is one book I will always remember.
The plot was abnormal, though this book held all of the elements of a normal plot it varied in ways that other books don’t. It was filled with many ups and downs and mild action. This books plot did leave the reader with some questions by the end and though that is normally a big No, No in the writing world in this case it was perfectly acceptable. The author is allowing us as the reader to decide whether or not some of the things that happened in this book were real (kind of reminded me of the ending to “Inception).  There weren’t really many sub-plots, the author focused on the characters thoughts and mind, it really left little room for more stories.
I felt that they were very much realistic (well as realistic as some of them could get). Each one had distinct qualities and flaws and though at times some of the characters felt disconnected it didn’t really draw the reader out of the story. The interaction between all the characters wasn’t awkward, I felt that they all in some way or another fit together, while some seemed a bit “weird” in the end they ended up being one of the better characters. I really enjoyed that the author created the main character to be more realistic; it really helped the reader better understand what was going on and make their own conclusion.
Transformation of the Character:
There wasn’t major transformations going on in this book but I do believe the main character did change some but nothing overly dramatic. I felt that some of the characters should have transformed, some needed just a little bit more pushing before they could go over the edge but it never happened to my disappointment. But though I felt the loss of transformation in this book I didn’t think that it ruined the book (By the end of the book you’ll understand what I mean).
The description was the perfect amount; the author did a great job on describing both worlds. There are some scenes she so vividly described that literally had me in that scene, like I was actually there. The description was both poetic and vivid at times, I absolutely just love one of the last scenes, it was described so perfectly; it felt so complete, it was definitely the major turning point for the main character.
The use of first person and transitions between worlds made this book even more enjoyable. The author was good at letting us the shift between mind and reality and that really made the understanding of the scenes that much better. This is a type of book that could have easily been ruined by transitions, no one wants to be lost while reading, it’s both a frustrating and annoying flaw but thankfully this author knew what she was doing.
Quote of the book:
“It was heaven ravaged by hell, good plagued by evil, life tormented by death. And as the most chaotic balance of my life continued, I found myself wearing thin.”
Goodreads Summary:
In a time of hardship and heartbreak, sometimes, reality just isn't enough. Slipping Reality is the story of fourteen-year-old Katelyn Emerson, who, when faced with the glaring reality of her brother's illness, rebels against the truth by slipping away into the depths of her own imagination. There, she finds the kind of support and comfort she feels she deserves. There, she does not have to feel so alone. And yet, as Katelyn's grasp on reality begins to unravel, so too does the story of a girl who grew up too fast and fell apart too soon. Emily Beaver's debut novel is a coming of age story that deals with the trials of young grief, insight, and growth where it's least expected.
Last Thoughts:
I would recommend this to any fans of psychological pressure; to anyone who loves a good mind slipping agent, this book will literally have you questioning what’s real and what isn’t. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t enjoy books that deal with the mind. This book was a fun and fast read and was well written by a fourteen year old, which to me was a great surprise. And to learn that there were some events in this book that were real was even more surprising. The ending was definitely something I won’t forget and though there were some things I would have liked to see differently it wasn’t all wrong, it’s all up to the reader.
My Rating:


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