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"Rapture" by Lauren Kate Review

Date Published: June 12, 2012

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Number of Pages: 432

Publisher: Delacorte Books for YA

First Thoughts:

I wasn’t too excited to read this book, Fallen is by far my favorite out of this series…but it was like the further I got into the series the more it seemed to just get annoying or drag on. So picking up this book did take time and effort on my part but in the end I’m glad I finally gave it a chance and finished this series. This book had plenty of suspense, action and softer moments. My overall thoughts on the execution of the ending to this series is good, though I wished things could have maybe gone in different direction I can see the author’s POV. So overall I enjoyed this book but am sure glad this series is finally over!


There was plenty going on in this book; almost all 432 pages took place in a 9 days’ time…so you can see the amount of detail and situations that it took to fill those pages.  And the ideas really fit along with this worlds boundaries and theme, so I didn’t feel the author took any big risks or side-tracked this book, she just continued the story where Passion (the previous book) took off. It was actually nice to be able to see the continuation from the previous book to this one, I felt like I wasn’t left out of the loop. But it did take me some time to get back into this world; to reconnect with the characters and ideas. The beginning wasn’t dull really but more of a gradual introduction back into the situation and getting the reader reacquainted with the world. As for the overall plotline it was really well used and I felt that all of the elements were there and used properly. And as for the pace it was actually high action, there were those moments in-between where you got a breather and were able to take in the new information but mainly it was all about beating the clock and trying to essentially save the world (cheesy I know, lol) And the ending was good, like I said it didn’t quite satisfy me; I don’t want to give anything away but I’m sure you’ll see what I mean when you read it. The epialogue was really cute and good though, I’m glad the author decided to put that in, really wrapped up the series and let the readers know that it was the end. So overall the plot was good but lacked in certain areas personally.


Well if you’ve read the previous 3 books you know that this is all about love so if you don’t want another one of those books then don’t read this series. Love is all this series is about; trying to fight for the one you love…though I usually have a problem in this aspect but given the series and the involvement of angels it made it worth reading, though sometimes I wish I hadn’t. But in the end the romance was just as sweet and gooey so I don’t think it’ll disappoint you in this aspect.


Still the same witty and serious characters we’ve grown to love. I loved seeing the gang back; I missed them! They just work so well together and they make the reading that more enjoyable. Luce was the same as always, there didn’t seemed to be much change in her at all…But I found the added new characters to the story were timed just right and added both some comic relief and some added joy. I really enjoyed some of the new characters; some of them really stood out. So overall there weren’t many unnecessary characters and I found this aspect quite enjoyable.

Transformation of the Character:

I don’t think there were really any transformations per-se in this book, I think all of the main characters have done all of their growing up for now and in this book we really got to know them better and understand their new found strengths and weaknesses. So overall this wasn’t an important aspect in this book and therefore neither added nor took away anything from this book.


There was a lot of small details in this book; I’m the kind of reader that enjoys detail though, I like to get a really good image of the scene so that I can really take in everything in the book’s world. So just know there are a lot of tiny details and to some would be considered too much. But the way that some of the scenes were described reminded me why I enjoyed this series so much. The way the author is able to take a simple set-up and turn it into something bigger/brighter is amazing. I’ll never get the image of the mountain scene out of my mind; great attention to detail. But as far as the emotional description there was some but they weren’t strong to me, I felt sad but it didn’t bring tears to my eyes and I know it’s because of how the scene was worded. But other than that it was really good. And the dialogue seemed true to the character and seemed the right amount.


This was written in a way that gradually introduced the information to the reader, the author made sure that the reader could grasp what was happening and why. And as for the author’s writing itself it was just as beautiful and fun to read. I like the way this author writes, it’s beautiful and so different at times…it’s like she meshes her writing for each book but is still able to give the reader the feel of the other books…it’s hard to describe. But overall I enjoyed the style and don’t think I would even make any changes to it to better the book.

Quote of the Book:

“Mortality is the most romantic story ever told. Just one chance to do everything you should. Then, magically, you move on.”

Goodreads Summary:

The sky is dark with wings . . . .

Like sand in an hourglass, time is running out for Luce and Daniel. To stop Lucifer from erasing the past they must find the place where the angels fell to earth. Dark forces are after them, and Daniel doesn’t know if he can do this—live only to lose Luce again and again.

Yet together they will face an epic battle that will end with lifeless bodies . . . and angel dust. Great sacrifices are made. Hearts are destroyed. And suddenly Luce knows what must happen.

For she was meant to be with someone other than Daniel. The curse they’ve borne has always and only been about her—and the love she cast aside. The choice she makes now will be the only one that truly matters.

In the fight for Luce, who will win?

Last Thoughts:

I would recommend this to fans of the series and romantic readers. This is definitely a beautiful angel story and a story about love. Though I felt that it was dragged out a book too much I was still happy with the overall turn-out of the book. I would be willing to read more by this author just by her writing alone, so I look forward to exploring the other books she’s written and plans to write (let’s just hope this time it isn’t all about Love, lol).

My Rating:

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  1. Great review! I love how in-depth your reviews are :D I love this series! Glad you enjoyed this bok