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Char by Mercy Amare Review


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Date Published: October 11, 2013

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Number of Pages: 228

Publisher: Self-Published

First Thoughts:

I absolutely fell in love with this book. It took me a little bit to be sucked into the story but once I was hooked, I was a goner. The story was so sweet and delicious that I found myself flying through the pages. I liked the idea of the story and the romance involved. I really enjoyed the ups and downs Char had to go through, it made the story that much more interesting. This was definitely a story I very much enjoyed reading.

Goodreads Summary:

I’m Charlotte York, but you can call me Char.

My life is perfect. Except for the fact that my older sister is posing naked for Playboy. And my mom wants me to be just like her. Oh, and I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. But other than that, it’s definitely perfect... Until the paparazzi publishes a picture of me smoking weed.

Now I am being forced to move to NYC with my dad. Too bad I hate New York.

At least there is Tristan Becker. He makes NY better. But he won’t date me because he thinks my best friend is in love with me. Which is absolutely not true... Or at least I don't think it is.

As you can see my life is just... perfect.


This was a story of self-discovery and teenage drama. I liked that we got to see Char go through all of the obstacles that you would find in a normal high school. There was also the added drama of having two sisters being in the acting and modeling business. The sisters really added a new layer to the story. It added in more drama that made the story more enjoyable to read. As far as the pace of the book, I thought it was kind of fast, I wasn’t lying when I said I flew through the pages. So overall, the plot was interesting and kept my attention/


I loved the romance in this book, it was so sweet and amazing to read. I really enjoyed the suspense and heartache we felt alongside Char. Their relationship was so real and true, they had their obstacles but they were able to meet them with their head held high. I thought the two of them were such a perfect fit; their personalities were compatible. So overall, I really enjoyed this aspect of the story.


I enjoyed the characters in this story, they all had their own personality and were such deep and lovable characters. Char was a little difficult for me to connect with in the beginning but as I got to know her, that connection slowly formed. Char’s mom really was beautifully crafted. The author was able to capture this woman in a way that made the relationship between the two more real and true. As for the other characters they each had their own role to play and I didn’t see an unnecessary characters.

Transformation of the Character:

This has got to be one of the most beautiful transformations I’ve seen in a while. Char started out as this totally neutral person. She surfed and hung out with her best friend and there wasn’t much more to tell of her. But as the story progresses she becomes this whole new person, someone who is vibrant and so determined. I enjoyed seeing her transform and really enjoyed reading it. The transformation was gradual to so it made it more believable/


I enjoyed the description in this book; the emotions were well portrayed in this story. The feeling of being in love; being absolutely content was fun to read. I could definitely feel the happiness and heartache Char went through. As for the scenery and landscapes I think the author did a good job on describing each new place, I was really able to picture each new scene. Like the penthouse and the Hampton’s mansions were both very vivid. Therefore, in the end the description really added a nice texture to the story.


This was written in one POV and in first person. I thought the idea of only being in Char’s POV was good, this story was really about her and the person she became. So having it in just her POV allowed the reader to really see her side of the story and no mix thoughts. Being in first person allowed the reader to better connect with the character and understand her line of thinking. As for the writing itself I found it just as enjoyable as her other books. There’s just something about the way she writes that just sucks me in. So in the end the style was really good and made a good fit to the story.

Quote of the book:

“This is my little piece of perfect paradise and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Last Thoughts:

I would recommend this to a more mature audience. Some foul language and instances that are not suited for younger readers. However, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more writing by this author. I thought the ending was sweet and to the point but I’m still wondering if there’s more to tell from Char. I felt like it was rushed a little but it was good in the end. Overall, I enjoyed this book.

My Rating:


  1. I will definitely read this book anytime soon. Thanks for the information.