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Unchanged Review

Date Published: February 24, 2015

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Number of pages: 420

Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux Books for Young Readers

First Thoughts:

The ending to this book really pissed me off and I don’t say that lightly. This whole series was about finding yourself, accepting others as they are and finding love and in the end it destroys that. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to ruin the series or book for you but just know the ending wasn’t what I wanted.

Goodreads Summary:

So many secrets are buried within these compound walls.

I used to be one of those secrets.

After returning to the Diotech compound and undergoing an experimental new memory alteration, Seraphina is now a loyal, obedient servant to Dr. Alixter and the powerful company that created her. Happy and in love with Kaelen, another scientifically-enhanced human designed to be her perfect match, Sera’s history with a boy named Zen is just a distant memory from a rebellious past she longs to forget.

But as Sera and Kaelen embark on a nationwide tour to promote Diotech’s new product line—a collection of controversial genetic modifications available to the public—Sera’s mind starts to rebel. She can’t stop the memories of Zen from creeping back in.

As more secrets are revealed, more enemies are uncovered, and the reality of a Diotech-controlled world grows closer every day, Sera will have to choose where her true loyalties lie, but it’s a choice that may cost her everything she’s ever loved.


This was a story about self-discovery. Sera has to learn about who she is and make hard-core decisions on who she wants to be. There was a lot of new characters introduced that thickened the plot. New technology was introduced and soon we were right alongside Kaelen and Sera, learning what they were created for and learning exactly what they’re capable of. Overall the plot kept the story flowing pretty quickly and gave the audience a fast read.


There were two romances that struck me out in this book. The one between Sera and Kaelen and the one between Sera and Zen. They were both interesting to read about, they each had their own flare. I’m not going to tell you which one she ends up with because frankly I’m still confused on who she chose but I do have an idea on what the author meant for the audience to see.


I really enjoyed the characters in this book; it was one part of the book that I did enjoy. I especially enjoyed Kaelen. I know as the reader were not supposed to be rooting for him but I really enjoyed his character and how sweet he could be. Though he was almost robotic at times. Sera was okay, she was a little indecisive but a likeable character. Zen was a bit standoffish and I really couldn’t connect with him in this book like I was able to in the previous two books. Which was odd and unlike the author to make me feel that way.

Transformation of the Character:

Sera did a lot of transforming in this book, one minute she’s this obedient girt and the next thing we know she’s rebelling in small ways. As for her transforming in the right way I can’t tell you but I can tell you she transforms into this beautiful young woman by the end.


The description in this book was that of self-dialogue. There was regular dialogue too but most of the book consisted of self-dialogue where Sera reflex on her current situation. As for the description to explain the landscape there really wasn’t a lot of that in the book. There was a moment where they explained an event on the compound that had good description but I can’t remember any other scenes that was really descriptive but there could have been.


This was written in first person and in one POV. I think being written in first person was a good choice but being written in only Sera’s POV wasn’t. I would have loved to get other point of views in the story. Like Zen’s for example he was such a mystery in this book…I wish I got his side of the story then maybe I could have grasped the ending better. As for the author’s writing it was just as good as in the other two books. It was captivating and well executed.

Quote of the Book:

“His determination makes me smile. He always was the stronger one.”

Last Thoughts:

Though I may have been harsh in my review, I did enjoy reading the book up till the end. There it all went down the drain. I wasn’t happy with the way the author left the world hanging. But overall I would only recommend reading this book if you've already read the previous books. Because let’s face it you have to know how the story ends! 

My Rating:


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    1. Thanks Hp! I love my rating style too, so thank you for noticing it. Yeah I like my blog too but yours is just as nice! I like to keep track of a lot of stuff as you can see! Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you continue to stop by!

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    Don't you just hate it when a book pisses you off? I tend to throw the book at something myself.

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    1. Yes definitely Casey! That's one of the reasons why I put your blog button on my blog so that I can easily access your blog. But I also wanted my followers to check it out too! Thanks my review style has morphed a lot since I've started blogging.

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    I really like the way you breakdown your reviews. One gets to know everything about the story, plot and characters.
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    1. Thanks Nita! It's because of followers like you that I have the format for my reviews. They helped guide me in creating my certain flare when it comes to my reviews!

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  4. Hey there, Lacey! You can't beat an honest review like this one here. I've never heard of Unchanged before your post, but you've given me, and everyone else, such a great overview of it and an idea of what to expect if we decide to give it a try. Obviously that's what reviews are for - but yours is so organized and well put together!

    Shame that the ending didn't sit with you. I love the cover. Thanks for a great review!


    1. Hey Eve! Thanks I like to be as honest as I can in my reviews. I like breaking down things so it's easy for the reader to find what they're looking for. Like someone could only be worried about the romance or writing style. Anyways glad you enjoyed my review and it's ok not every book is going to please me!