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Dead Girl Running Review


Date Published: April 24, 2018

Author: Christina Dodd

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Number of Pages: 368

Publisher: Harlequin

First Thoughts:

So I didn't know anything about the author going into this book. What got my attention was the premise. I'm always down for a murder mystery. Other than a few issues, the authors writing was intriguing and left you wanting for more. If you're wanting a mystery that leaves you guessing until the very end and even then leaves you on the edge of your seat, this is the book for you. Apparently this book is a spin-off series from her series Virtual Falls. And after reading this book, I just might go and check it out myself; I call myself intrigued. 

Goodreads Summary:

I have three confessions to make:

1. I've got the scar of a gunshot on my forehead.
2. I don't remember an entire year of my life.
3. My name is Kellen Adams...and that's half a lie.

Girl running...from a year she can't remember, from a husband she prays is dead, from homelessness and fear. Tough, capable Kellen Adams takes a job as assistant manager of a remote vacation resort on the North Pacific Coast. There amid the towering storms and the lashing waves, she hopes to find sanctuary. But when she discovers a woman's dead and mutilated body, she's soon trying to keep her own secrets while investigating first one murder...then another. 

Now every guest and employee is a suspect. Every friendly face a mask. Every kind word a lie. Kellen's driven to defend her job, her friends and the place she's come to call home. Yet she wonders--with the scar of a gunshot on her forehead and amnesia that leaves her unsure of her own past--could the killer be staring her in the face? 


Like I mentioned above, this book pretty much had a lot of mystery to it and I didn't even guess the correct killer until right before he/she was revealed. There was one part of the book I didn't particularly like or enjoy. Ms.Dobb had put descriptions of the people the main character Kellen met. Like, she would put what the person looked like and then, Kellen's perception of them. It was all put in a separate paragraph and in different font (I think?). It was like a military perception of what she thought, which makes sense for her character but all it did for me as a reader was irritate me. It distracted me from the story and I can understand the need for it (it is a mystery after all) but I would've preferred the story without it. Let me make my own assumptions please! Other than that the story moved quickly, there was always something happening; someone need saving. I read this in a couple of sittings but that was only because of my life. This is definitely a book in my opinion that can be read in one sitting (it's that good).


Here we are again at the dreaded love triangle. I'm really not liking a woman/man being in love with more than one person. Though I wouldn't go as deep as love for both men in this story, the possibility was there none the less The romance also didn't really come into play until halfway through the book. Yes we were introduced to Kellen's husband in the beginning but he let's just say wasn't lovable (he doesn't count in my opinion.). By the end of the book I'm still not sure about the romance, it's still kind of iffy. But I guess that's why it's a series. We get to explore it further in future books.


Kellen is a likable character. She appears one way and by the end of the book she's someone else. I liked that she was a strong character who wouldn't take crap from anyone. I got to see an insight of her from before but most of the book it's her in the present dealing with both a murder mystery and a past. Birdie was one of my favorite characters, she has a bit of mystery to her but she's spunky too. Max was a character introduced later on in the story and though I learned a little bit about him but I wish I knew more. Mara was an interesting character and played a big role in this book too but I won't go into too much detail. As for the other characters they were good too but those characters I didn't get too attached to them.

Transformation of Character:

Kellen definitely transformed in this book. She was this weak and fragile character and by the end she was someone else entirely. Someone worth supporting and rooting for. I can't wait to see how much more she'll change as the series progresses. Nil another important character in the book transformed too, he became some less mysterious and more intriguing by the end of the book. Of course there were others transformed but I don't want to get into too much detail in fear of spoiling the book for you.


I liked the description of the hotel that most of the book took place at. It was like I could visualize where everything was and tell when something wasn't right. Also the description of the deaths was minimal. Though the first murder remains was a little too descriptive for my taste but I understand we had to get the killers MO right before we could understand the later murders. The author described Kellen's emotions very well. I could really understand what she was going through and how she felt, it was that descriptive. I could also sense the fear coming from the other characters as this mystery unfolded. 


This was written in third person and in multiple POV's (Point of views). Though this was written mostly in Kellen's POV. I can see the need with other point's of views so I really didn't have a problem with that. The third person usuage was good and allowed the reader to get a different view but I kind of wonder if the author would've used first person that it would've been better. Maybe if it was in first person, I could've even got a better grasp on Kellen because yes she herself was mystery. But we were still able to connect with Kellen so maybe third person was the best? Also there was flashbacks that was written in italics and allowed the reader to better understand Kellen. The first scene which was in Priscilla's POV was the only scene I seemed to be confused on at first...I would definitely consider re-writing it? Though not sure how to make it better. I did like the author's writing itself, it is distinctive and fun and flowed smoothly. 

Quote of the Book:

"He lifted his greasy hands and wiggled them. "Admit it. You want me. You love me."

"I do love you," Kellen said. "Like a disgusting, loud, gross younger brother who deserves to have his head stuck in a toilet and flushed.""

Last Thoughts:

Though there were a few things I didn't particularly care for in this book I really did enjoy it. I definitely want to read the rest of the series. And the ending?! Definitely a twist I didn't see coming which makes me like this book even more. It took me on a ride of twists and turns and by the time the rollercoaster ended I was left stunned and speechless. So go out and discover this book for yourself! I would love to hear your own opinions of it, so drop on by and tell me yourself! I would love to hear from you!


4 Blooms!

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