Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Action Packed and very Creepy at the end...

First thoughts:

I was at first afraid to read this book at night after reading the summary and having just read a couple weeks ago "Ashes" but once I started it, turned out I was worrying over nothing, though when it near the end there were some parts that really creeped me out, it gave me that kind of vibe that makes you shiver...some of those last images I don't know if I'll ever totally forget...but I really liked it and I'm guessing there's going to be a sequel(?)


Caleb has everything he ever wanted, he's popular in school, he graduated top class, has the hottest girlfriend, a best friend named Beans who has his back and he's going to Africa to help with the people there and perhaps write an article that could get posted in the newspaper but everything changes when he gets a letter in the mail from his childhood best friend Cristine...the friend that he had sent her twin sister to dissapearance...and to make matters worse the letter from her is crying for his help so he drops his trip to Africa and convinces his best friend Beans to go with him, enticing him with good food and beach time...but when they get there and Caleb goes to his fathers house he's gone and from there everything goes from bad to worse.

Caleb and Beans embark themselves on a journey that will tear their lives apart and send them into oblivion. Once they start there's no going back no matter how hard they try. Caleb learns his fathers old secrets and the horrors that come with it, there will be no harder test for Caleb than the one he's about to face.

Last Thoughts:

I enjoyed the read, not suited for a young audience, there are parts that are little confusing but where it lacks there it makes up in action. I would recommend this to those who enjoy pure action, a little understanding and whole bunch of kick butt!! I really do think there will be a second book and I will definately want to read it. I give this book 3 and half stars for its action packed theme and interesting characters.

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