Friday, July 1, 2011

Highly Addictive!!

Warning!! Highly addictive, it has been known to keep it's reader up late into the night and cause a melting of heart, where all the reader can do is stare googly eyes at the book...Be warned, once started, there's no going back.

First thoughts:

 I was curious about this book, I love Angels, have a soft spot for them and so I went into this book thrilled and I wasn't disappointed. Right from the beginning it is packed with action and raw emotions, there are so many deep scenes where you're able to get to know the characters. The plot is exciting, well paced and characters are very likable, none of those annoying characters who you secretly wish dead...come on you know that's thoughts crossed your mind one time or another.

Brief Summary:

Ginger lost her parents when she was only a baby and was raised by a demon named Devin, and unlike most of society Ginger believes and loves Archangles, she would risk her lives for them as is customary for the Demon Guardians. Soon Ginger saves the life of Wren, a half archangel and half human. The two head go to sanctuary, where the guardians live and protect Archangles, or at least the few left. And there is where Ginger learns of Wren's past and how if he loved another woman his one true enemy would kill her in a more painful way than his mother. But even that can't stop the two from drawing to each other. And its a fight for the finish to see what is left after everything is said and done.

Last Thoughts:

Very well written, intriguing and never disappointed me. It has all types of emotions mixed within giving a balance feel. Good for young adults her can appreciate love and all it's costs and gifts. I simply cannot wait till the second book comes out, one thing is for sure, it will be on the top of my to-read list!! Thank you Sarah for creating such a special and amazing book, all of that hard work definately paid off.