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Cut and Run Review


Date to be Published: October 9, 2018

Author: Mary Burton

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Number of Pages: 336

Publisher: Montlake Romance

First Thoughts:

I just became aware of this author just a couple of months ago and I am officially addicted to her writing. I always like a good mystery with romance thrown into the thick of it. This has the right amount of action and suspense. Plenty of moments of surprise. If you're into diverging yourself in a world of solving crimes and finding time to find the good in life this is the book for you!


Faith is a medical examiner who finds herself immersed in a world of crime that is tightly connected to her life in more ways than one. She soon embarks not only on a journey of trying to solve a crime but unraveling her lineage. 

Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden is a hard-edge man who is hell bent on decoding  clues until he solves the crime. He's all about his job and he's not looking for love. But this latest crime has him in the sights of a beautiful woman named Faith.

Soon the two join forces together trying to not only solve the hit and run of Faith's possible twin sister FBI agent Macy Crow but the trail she left behind before her hit and run. 

The clock is ticking down and bodies are piling up, will these two decode the clues before the killer comes after them?


I loved this story, it had a lot of ups and downs that left the reader reading late into the night. There were plenty of twists and surprises along the way to keep the reader entertained. There were scenes of crime and scenes of redemption. Lots of scrambling and a race against the clock. You can really get a sense of the urgency in each scene. There were parts where it allowed the reader to take a breather and have a little comic relief. If you're into murder mysteries excitement this is down your alley. There were a couple of predictable scenes, like I guessed some of the things from nearly the beginning of the book but the main mystery of all; the person who did it, was a surprise to me. So it didn't deter me from enjoying the book.


Ahh, romance. There was some sexual tension between Faith and Hayden. They even had a interesting past and soon the two are fighting to keep things how they were before but love's cupid keeps drawing them closer. Though this wasn't the major part of the book, it was beautifully in-twined and created a great atmosphere for a mystery romance.


Faith was an interesting character. It didn't take me long to get connected with her. Though she was a bit naive in some scenes.  But she was strong emotionally in others. Hayden was a little cold to me in the beginning. It took me awhile to get connected to him; to even root for him. Which is a little odd because all of her previous books I've read from Ms.Burton I've always immediately or close to immediately connected with them. Macy Crow was a secondary character but she added texture to the story that allowed the main plot to flow. The serial killer was a great mystery and loved reading from his mind. *shiver*.

Transformation of the Character:

Faith in a way transformed but it wasn't as noticeable as others have been in the past. It was subtle and fluid. Hayden's transformation was more noticeable and I enjoyed seeing him grow into the man he was meant to be. 


The information was well researched and though I'm no medical examiner or law enforcement officer it really rang true to me. The description of the autopsies and the way the clues were left really left a realistic feel to the story. The scenes of the crimes were tastefully done, done enough to get the point across but not too grisly. I just really enjoyed how each scene was described from the scenery down to the clues. They were all important factors to the story. The way the characters minds were described were well established too. It allowed the reader to understand what was happening and why it was happening. Just the description of the characters themselves allowed the reader to really picture how they appeared and identify them later on without a single name being uttered.


This was written in third person and multiple point of views. Being written in third person just allowed the reader to see a wider view of each scene and get to understand the information in a better perspective. And being written in multiple point of views allowed the reader to understand the story better. To get all the pieces of the story and put it together into a giant puzzle. Very well thought out. And Burton's writing is a real treat. Very easy to get lost in her writing and pass the hours. This book will be finished before you even really even grasped everything that was written in the story.

Quote of the Book:

"Two buzzards circled overhead...Like him, buzzards didn't have an elegant reason for being. Like him, they cleaned up mess death left behind."

Last Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book and will continue to look forward to other books written by Mary Burton. She has a way with mysteries that has really grabbed my attention. Totally recommend this to any reader in for a fast and unbelievable read! Highly recommend to go pre-order this book now!

My Rating:

4 Blooms!

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