Friday, November 4, 2011

It Came from the Shadows....

I wish I could put up a true good  cover for this book but sadly I couldn't find it anywhere, so I took it upon myself to take a picture of it from my kindle with my camera as you can see above. I know not perfect, one considering my Kindle is black and White and two I just not that good with photography. But if you look closely enough you can see the beautiful details in the cover, it just takes my breath away everytime I see this cover.

First thoughts:

I didn't know anything about the book or author going into reading this. But I was excited; I mean who wouldn't be when reading something you know so little about? I like reading books like this one. It really opens your eyes to how many good books there are out there but getting so little credit. This story had elements of suspense, friendships and thrills. The bond between the characters was very strong and believable, the characters weren't dull; they were filled with life and determination. I thought the authors choice of third person opened up the world to a whole new level. It allowed us to see into each of the other characters world but still be focused on the main character at the same time. I thought the concept itself was really original; there are very little parodies that can be made with this book. And as far as romance goes it’s really low key but I will admit to there being a couple of scenes that melted my heart a little. As for the description in the story it was played out very well indeed. There were a couple of parts that really drew me a picture to the point where I wished it out of my head; there are just some things you can never forget…it was very chilling to see some of the things described within the story. As far as the dialogue goes, I found it realistic and to fit the characters profile to the tee. Each character had a distinct voice and they didn’t get lost within the story. As for the minor characters involved in this storyline I wish I could have gotten to know them better. Like Jacob, I thought if maybe we could learn some of his most inner-thoughts perhaps I could fall in love with him just as much as the main characters. I did find a few grammar errors in here and if you’re one of those people who get irritated by it just let it go. The story itself is too good to miss, if you spend all your time looking for errors you’re going to miss out on all the wonderful joys this book has to offer. As for the plotline I think it is perfect, the ending to this story is set up for a sequel and the story itself was paced at the right rhythm as to how the story played out. There are some softer more lighter moments that reveal to the reader something about the character that the reader needs to be aware of. Even those kinds of moments should get their spotlight.

Goodreads Summary:
Three hundred years ago Lily Bryg was someone else. Now, she's dealing with demons from the past in the form of ghosts, fairies, and even a dream stalker bent on convincing her they belong together. As a witch, Lily has an advantage. But that all changes when she's summoned back to the third realm where she used to live. And where she died.

With the help of a Shade, a tattoo artist, and her three best friends, Lily tries to escape the faeries out to get her, and the evil king who wants to make her his consort. Ronan will stop at nothing to have her back, and she'll stop at nothing to keep that from happening. Too bad her life isn't the only one on the line, and returning to Bevain might be the only way to save herself, and the world.
Last thoughts:

The reason I used Goodreads for the summary was because I could never sum it up in enough words to give you a good idea of what it’s about. I think you should give this author and book a chance by picking it up and reading it. And no just read the first two chapters and stop because it’s lost you interest, no you must read fully through to grasp the wonderful world and lessons it has to offer. I would recommend this to readers who have an open mind to trying new authors and books and to those who love short action packed readers. This book will not take you long to read, once you get started there’s not stopping until the last page is in view. This has both light and dark parts to it so beware of a world where an entire race comes first and you come second. Don’t miss out on this first installment of “Where thy Dark Eye Glances” this is a new author you’ll surely won’t want to miss.

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