Friday, November 18, 2011

My First Time....

I decided to take a picture of the goodies I came away with. Though I didn’t go in there for the shirt and snacks it sure didn’t hurt to receive them. I just enjoy seeing these items; they’ll help me to never forget this milestone. And I really do hope you take a chance to have the experience I had. And if it’s small veins you’re worried about I had no problem I have what doctor’s consider baby veins, they’re small and they like to hide.
I just wanted to blog about what happened yesterday, I know this has nothing to do with literature in any way but it does have a lot to do with something very important.  Today for the very first time I gave blood, I hadn’t planned on giving any blood, it was totally last minute but I had time to kill after I got out of my Biology class and well my college had a blood drive going on and I just got in one of those ‘Let’s help someone in need’ kind of moods. And yes I had considered giving blood many times over but I either chickened out or the time just didn’t feel right. But it was like the planets aligned today and Boom! I was ready. I was nervous don’t get me wrong, I probably talked many peoples ears off twice over but the process of giving blood was both amazing and educational. If you’ve never donated blood and are eligible I highly recommend it. The process isn’t scary at all, in fact they are as cheerful as can be and will take you step by step on what’s going to happen.  The process of actually getting the blood drawn isn’t scary or that painful at all, just one prick with the needle and that’s it. You just have to wait till they get all the blood they need and seeing your life’s blood flow in a bag was amazing; to just know that your blood was going towards saving the lives of others was beyond amazing. I’d donate again in a heartbeat but unfortunately after you donate you have to wait another 8 weeks before you can do it again. I guess our bodies aren’t invincible as I sometimes thought it to be. And Afterwards they give you cookies and juice, how awesome is that? Now most people usually feel light headed or dizzy afterwards but the only side effects I felt was tiredness. I was really sleepy. But at the same time my mind was wide awake I was on a high of pure bliss. They say first times are always the best and can never be the same there on out but I just can’t imagine not feeling this way each and every time. The employees told me that the pint of blood I donated will save 3 lives; I mean how much better can you get than that? I feel like a super hero; I real life super hero. So even when Superman and Spiderman and all those other super heroes are all off on their vacation there are still us to save the day! Always believe that you can make a difference because in reality you really can. Donating blood is something that doesn’t cost a thing, it just requires a little bit of pain and time of you and that’s it. And heck, if you can’t donate blood due to ineligibility you can still spread the words to others. Let them know that it’s not as bad as your mind can make it out to be. That green monster that lies in the back of your mind telling you it’s not worth it that the pain is too much is only a fragment of your imagination. Let your creative mind figure out that by donating blood you are both giving back to your community and quite possibly to someone you love.
So in all, the next time a chance for you to donate blood comes along, take it. Be as spontaneous as I was. And know that it’s okay to be nervous, quite honestly it’s normal, you’re not alone. And heck if you end up passing out maybe a cute nurse or technician will be there when you wake up. Who wouldn’t love to wake up to someone handsome? Certainly not me. I would be as happy as a lark.
If you live in Texas here’s the link to the blood and Tissue center’s website:
Also know that there are more than one way to donate blood, there’s other processes that can take longer to do but benefit in so many other ways. I’m actually considering doing one near my b-day; it’s something I want to give as my gift of my birth. Anyways, if you’re not in Texas look up on Google to find where your closest donation station is and donate today!

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  1. I also donate blood. I can relate to this entry so much! :)
    The first time I gave blood, I felt a "natural high". That was an amazing day. I can only remember that I had the same thought as you: watching the blood go to the bag and to know that I was sharing life, but also receiving life! Since then, I havent stopped (except once that I was on medication and I couldn't give).
    It always make my day :)
    Take care,
    Sofia :)