Friday, January 13, 2012

Mind Numbing

First Thoughts:
By looking at the short summary provided about this book, I was very much intrigued. I enjoy books that mess with the mind and make you try to determine reality from fiction. This book definitely had all of those elements and to top it all off it had a creepy vibe about it also.
The plot of this book was at times a bit confusing, so much was happening and you weren’t always shown the best view but after a while when you grow used to the author’s structure and style it becomes easier and more easy to determine what was happening and why.  The world that the main characters are placed in is horrifying and wonderful at the same times. The things they have to go through; have to endure are much more than the mind can comprehend.  This book was definitely packed with action and surprising twists; this book was full of action and mind numbing questions. This was definitely the kind of book that plays with your mind and causes you to really think about the information being laid out before you.  The description was amazing; the way this author chose to describe the dream world versus reality was fantastic. Not one detail was left unturned; the author did so well with the description that it caused me to FEEL rather than to just see. The characters themselves are filled with spark and personality though at times you’ll find a character that lacks an important element but I’ve determined that those characters are minor in the whole scheme of things. As far as the characters transforming I didn’t see a huge transformation but Danny Boy did change slightly, and though you expect a transformation in all stories in this one isn’t really necessary. As far as the writing style of the author it was good, he showed a unique style into which he created a creative world and style that is not monotone or mundane in anyway. I enjoyed that this author chose to show us the details that most authors seem to shy away from. He wasn’t afraid to describe even the most disturbing things in the story and I liked that even if it made me cringe at times. The dialogue in this book was unique in itself; I noticed that the author chose to use a certain word that surprised me. The word “son” was used by these young boys and it took me by surprised, it threw me off; when I used to be around 13 or 15 year olds they never used the word “son” and it makes the dialogue a little false to me but I guess the author was perhaps trying to make the reader understand that these boys really weren’t that age; that they’ve had to grow up because of what they’re going through but at the same time the author reminds us as the reader that they really are that age. So I guess if you think of it the author was kind of brilliant in the way he was displaying these characters. It was definitely a brain teaser of a book.
Goodreads Summary:
When kids awake on an island, they’re told there was an accident. Before they can go home, they will visit Foreverland, an alternate reality that will heal their minds.
Reed dreams of a girl that tells him to resist Foreverland. He doesn’t remember her name, but knows he once loved her. He’ll have to endure great suffering and trust his dream. And trust he’s not insane.
Danny Boy, the new arrival, meets Reed’s dream girl inside Foreverland. She’s stuck in the fantasy land that no kid can resist. Where every heart’s desire is satisfied. Why should anyone care how Foreverland works?
Together, they discover what it’s really doing to them.
Last Thoughts:
I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys books that mess with the mind; this was definitely a book that questioned fiction from reality. I would also recommend this if you enjoy books that leave you questioning the whole book itself, even at the end I wasn’t sure of everything but I believe the author left us as the readers to determine what we believed to be the truth. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t enjoy books that mess with the mind or to those who don’t particularly enjoy books that leave you a bit disoriented. Though I wasn’t totally satisfied with the fates and conclusion of these characters I did believe the whole conflict was solved and would leave the average reader satisfied; I just wished some more of the sub-plots or conflicts were solved. But overall I did enjoy this book; any book that can creep me out sure gets a good view for me. This is an author I’ll definitely look for in future writings.

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