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Eve & Adam Review

Date to-be Published: October 2, 2012

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Number of Pages: 304     

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

First Thoughts:

I was excited to start this book, I had discovered it a little while back and with the beautiful cover and interesting premise I was eager to get it started. And it was a fun and interesting read, some of the ideas of course were nothing new but there was plenty in this book that kept the story interesting and moving. I loved the concept and the world building; this was a book where it was a new world; something that was filled with shiny technology and some very interesting characters. I was overall pleased with the book and enjoyed the storyline.


I enjoyed the storyline in this book because it deals with the idea of LIFE; of the creation of life. This has always interested me…I mean I think one day it’ll be possible but in all reality this is a very controversial topic; it’s like trying to play God. So the idea that these two authors tackled such a subject was pretty cool and well executed. I didn’t really see that the author pushed the idea on us; it kind of just offered us the idea and situations and allowed the authors to take their own POV on the subject but at the same time showing us the views of the characters and what they thought of it. As far as the actual plotline it had plenty of conflicts that kept the book moving and fun to read. There was definitely some twists that I didn’t see coming, the authors made us think one way and then out of nowhere turned the whole idea around and made us realize that we had been deceived. And the ending is very satisfying, there were definitely some ideas and things left un-answered but there was enough resolution to satisfy the conflicts for this first book. So overall I did enjoy the plot and thought this story had plenty of interesting ideas and conflicts, definitely a good aspect to the book.


Romance…yes there was plenty of that in this book and it really wasn’t there until at least half-way so it was that overwhelming. And there was a weak love triangle in this book but it essentially didn’t exist and you’ll see that when you are able to read this book. But as far as the type of romance I really found it to be realistic and cute…it has those awkward stages and then those sweeter moments at the same time. So overall I was pleased with how the authors handled this aspect of the story.


Oh yes, there were plenty of characters with fire in their bellies. Evening’s mother was really a piece of work and I still haven’t figured her all the way and I have a feeling it will be awhile till I do. And Solo…wow he was definitely one of my favorite characters in the book; loved his personality and the many layers he was made up of. And Evening…she took me a little longer to connect with but after a while I was able to get to know her and understand her and therefore was finally able to connect with her. And as for some of the more minor characters like Evening’s best friend they were definitely needed to make the story more interesting and believable. So overall I enjoyed the characters and thought this was a good aspect of the story.

Transformation of the Character:

There weren’t really any transformations in this book, I could see a beginning of one but not a true transformation. But seeing there is going to be another book in the series I think that was for the best, the more gradual and slower transformations are more realistic and beautiful to read. So overall this didn’t really impact my opinion of the book.


I liked how the technology was explained; I could really picture the process of some of the events that took place in this book. And I also loved the description of the building most of this book took place in! It was really cool sounding, the ultra-security, the sharp angles and scenery…it was all really well described and easy for me to picture. And as for the emotion descriptions, they weren’t as deep are emotional as you get in some books, it was really on the low key end. As for the dialogue there wasn’t too much or too little and the dialogue itself seemed true to each character. So overall I enjoyed this aspect.


This was written in three POV’s and in first person so it allowed it to be focused on the characters themselves but also on the bigger conflict of the book. I think I liked the changing of POV’s but I think it would have been fine in just Evenings POV too…though I did really enjoy Solo’s thoughts…he really is adorable. As for the authors writing, I really thought the two author’s writing was consistent and really could view this story as one style of writing and it was fun and easy to read so I didn’t have any problems with it. So overall this was a okay aspect but not sure if there should be any changes done or not…but it didn’t make me dislike the book anymore, just made me think of different possibilities.

Quote of the Book:

““I would still like to know how I came to be,” I say.

“Consider it a mystery…like the Big Bang. One second there’s nothing, and the next second there’s a universe.””

Goodreads Summary:

Sixteen-year-old Evening Spiker lives an affluent life in San Francisco with her mother, EmmaRose, a successful geneticist and owner of Spiker Biotech. Sure, Evening misses her father who died mysteriously, but she’s never really questioned it. Much like how she’s never stopped to think how off it is that she’s never been sick. That is, until she’s struck by a car and is exposed to extensive injuries. Injuries that seem to be healing faster than physically possible.

While recuperating in Spiker Biotech’s lush facilities, she meets Solo Plissken, a very attractive, if off-putting boy her age who spent his life at Spiker Biotech. Like Evening, he’s never questioned anything... until now. Solo drops hints to Evening that something isn’t right, and Emma-Rose may be behind it. Evening puts this out of her mind and begins her summer internship project: To simulate the creation of the perfect boy. With the help of Solo, Evening uncovers secrets so big they could change the world completely.

Last Thoughts:

I would recommend this YA readers; this was definitely a fun and different kind of read for young adults. I really enjoyed this book and look forward for “Adam & Eve” the next book in the series…really can’t wait for more Solo! And I would definitely read more by these authors the writing was really fun to read and like I mentioned earlier I had no problems with it whatsoever. So overall I enjoyed this book and found another series to add to my “to-watch” for list.

My Rating:

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