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"Starkissed" Review

Date Published: August 14, 2012

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Number of Pages: 141

Publisher: Self-Published

First Thoughts:

This book was so different from what I’ve been reading lately, it has a lot of drama and comical scenes…it’s the kind of book I would classify into the “Fluff” category, it has a lot of romance and teen thinking. I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t so deep and emotional. I liked that I didn’t have to think so hard to figure out what was going on. It was an easy and fun book to read. I enjoyed that this book had a more realistic world, where you the reader can imagine something like this plot happening to you (Though I don’t think I would quite fit into this world, lol). Either way this book was a very fast and adorable read!


There was definitely plenty of conflict throughout the book, there was always something coming up. And the story of the famous actor meeting unsuspecting average girl was so cute and adorable to read. I didn’t really think there were any dull moments in this book. I enjoyed the concept of two people coming together who might have not if fate hadn’t stepped in. This was definitely a story filled with teen ideas and problems and it really allowed me to step back and see how different my life is from this book. And the build-up of the action and climax was very well executed, I could easily pick apart each of plot elements and see which each conflict was apart the plotline. As for the world itself, like I mentioned earlier it was realistic and very easily seen. I haven’t ever lived in Arizona or been to New York but the author was really able to make it fit into the plot so that the reader could understand each city’s significance and why she chose those particular cities. And the small towns feel really added to the realistic fiber of the story itself. I thought adding in the closeness made impossibility of this story ever happening even more real and awe-inspiring. And I really enjoyed the ending to this book, I felt the author wrapped up any loose ends and really allowed the reader a small glimpse into the future. I liked the epilogue especially, it really took away any lingering thoughts I might have had. So overall I thought the plot was good, and adhered to its predicted experience.


Yes there was romance in this book and yes it was one of the major conflicts of the story but I knew that going into the book so I knew to expect that. I didn’t necessary enjoy the love triangle feel (never really been a fan) but it wasn’t that bad. There were moments I wanted to shout at Sydney because of her thoughts but when you sit down to really think it all makes sense and you really can’t get upset with her for thinking the way she does. And the build-up of the relationship between the couples was realistic, it wasn’t so easy or they didn’t connect at first contact. I really enjoyed the realistic romance in this story because it makes it more believable and attainable to the reader. But overall the romance was gushy and at times very fun to read.


I really enjoyed the characters especially Grant! He was such a great character to get to know and really understand his line of thinking. I was really able to connect with him and really enjoy his company. And as for Sydney I had a little trouble connecting with her in the beginning but shortly after I was able to really understand her and see how she sees the world and it really allowed me to connect with her and sympathize with her situation. And as for more of the more minor characters I think they played their parts right and really brought enough conflict and ideas to the story. I didn’t think there were any unnecessary characters in the book; each one had their own role to play. So overall I liked the mixture of personalities and enjoyed getting to know each one.

Transformation of the Character:

So Sydney does make a transformation throughout this book. It’s somewhat noticeable but it’s kind of subtle at the same time. I liked the transformation though because it wasn’t rushed or made to look unbelievable. This transformation really reminded me of a butterfly’s transformation because the process Sydney had to go through really was just like the caterpillar transformation, it was hard and ugly at times but in the end it turned out to be something so amazing and beautiful. So overall I really enjoyed this aspect of the story.


Really enjoyed the description in the story especially when the author described the scenery. I was really able to see what New York life is all about even when the scenes of New York were limited. And the description of the small town where she lived really reminded me of the small town I used to live as a child…I could see the connections very easily and the atmospheres were very similar and really made the story that more believable. And I did enjoy the emotions in this book; they were very light and easy to feel. There was the gooey feeling of love, the anger and the sadness, each emotion was expertly used to capture the characters thoughts and feelings. And the dialogue was true to the character and used in just the right moments of the book. So overall I didn’t really find any issues with the description and thought it was well used.


This was written in one POV and in first person which allowed the reader to really understand Sydney’s perspective. I enjoyed that we were able to see only her view because it made the story more focused and easier to understand. And as for the writing it was easy and fun to read. I did find some grammar errors but there wasn’t enough to really annoy me. So overall this aspect was good and I really enjoyed reading a new author’s writing.

Quote of the Book:

“I kiss him until the rest of the world disappears…until there’s nothing left but the blaze of Grant’s touch and the stars above us.”

Goodreads Summary:

Kissing movie star Grant West may be every teenage girl’s dream, but when it happens to Sydney Kane, it’s nothing but a nightmare. Sure he’s cute, but having her face plastered all over celebrity gossip blogs is not something she’s interested in. Now cheerleaders are trying to befriend her, reporters won’t stop calling, and her mother keeps chasing her with a curling iron so she won’t be caught by the paparazzi with flat hair ever again.

Forgetting Grant is all Sydney wants and Colin, the guy she’s had a crush on since seventh grade, seems like a pretty good way to do it. Then Grant shows up at Sydney’s door begging for a second chance and the more she gets to know him, the more she isn’t sure she wants him to go away. But with Grant in the picture, Colin is backing off and she definitely doesn’t want that. Everything is a mess and Sydney doesn’t know what to do, who to choose, or how to make those pesky cheerleaders leave her alone. She only knows one thing for sure, being STARKISSED isn’t a dream come true at all.

Last Thoughts:

I would recommend this to YA and romance readers. This does have a lot of romance so if you’re not a fan then this book probably won’t be for you. But I overall enjoyed this book and thought it was a fast and easy read. It’s nice not to read a book all about the supernatural or a book with deep underlining issues. Overall I would definitely read another book by this author and look forward to seeing what else she has planned for her readers.

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