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Secrets Blog Tour Part 2

About the Author: By day, Dawn is a typical mom running around after her children, catering to her husband’s needs, acting as a taxi driver, and gourmet chef living in Odessa, Texas, with her husband, and three children. Then by night she falls into a world filled with shirtless werewolves, lethal vampires, and dangerous adventures. Her short stories have been published in SevenDeadly Sins and 13 Tales of Paranormal

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Interview with Author Dawn Kirby

What inspired you to write Secrets?  

It wasn’t so much inspiration as it was a way to get Leah’s voice out of my head. It had been there for years whispering every now and again, but then about four years ago it wouldn’t stop. It kept me up nights ran through my head every minute of the day. Finally I decided to write everything down, thinking she would finally leave me alone. How wrong I was…I now have four books written and I don’t see a stopping point anywhere in my future. 

Were there any scenes that were hard to write?   

The scenes I found the hardest to write were the death scenes. The characters may be fictional, but any writer will tell you there’s a certain connection that makes killing off the really good ones very difficult. Even as I wrote them I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Sure I could have saved the tears, but that would’ve been too easy; too predictable. Life doesn’t always give us a fair hand…why should fiction be any different?

Do your characters ever decide some of the scenes for you?   

In a way they decide most of them. I love putting myself into their heads. I think about each character and how they as an individual would react in a given situation. There are times when their personalities clash with the way I want them to react, but honestly that’s part of what makes it fun. Just because I think a scene should go one way doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll get my way. Most times, that’s exactly the way it should be.

Is there any music that helped inspire any of the scenes?  

Oh yes! Music plays a huge part in my writing. Not just for certain scenes, but for certain characters as well. I’ve used songs that range from Opera to rock and everything in between to help me find that perfect place to gain a little bit more inspiration. Pink inspires Drew’s “I don’t give a flip” attitude. One Republic helps me get Kale into that “I’m all that and more” mood. Nickleback is responsible for more than a few scenes between Raine and Leah. As for Donovan, nothing but a range of the classics along with the music from the Phantom of the Opera will do.

What is your ideal writing environment?

At home. On my couch watching a steady rain fall, while listening to the low rumble of thunder.

Which character was your favorite to write about?  

Leah. Watching her character transform was amazing to me. She had to grow up in an instant, yet she did it with all the grace and dignity of a lady. 

Do you wish you could live in Leah’s world?  

As long as I could be guaranteed no biting, mauling or death…SURE!!

Who do you consider your greatest fans?   

All of them. Anybody who’s read SECRETS or any of the following books I consider to be great. They gave me time out of their lives to go for a walk in a world of my creation…How could I ever ask for anything more?

What is your favorite book/author?   

If I had to pick one of my absolute favorites it would have to be TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee. I feel in love with it when I was in Jr. High and I still love it to this day. There are so many life lessons to learn within its pages.

What can we expect in the next book of this series?  

The next book, DECEIT, will reveal just as many secrets as the first. Raine and Leah start their lives together even as the vampire who has been hunting her plots to make his ultimate move. Making it out alive again will become next to impossible.   

Thanks so much Dawn for taking the time to do this interview with me! And I don’t know about you guys but I’m itching to read the next book in this series J

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