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Shadow State Review

Shadow State

Date to be Published: July 3, 2018

Author: Elyse Brayden

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Number of Pages: 288

Publisher: Imprint

I voluntarily read and reviewed "Shadow State." All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

First Thoughts:

The ending sucked, just an fyi. But up until the ending, the book was really good. I enjoyed the plot (mostly), I enjoyed the concept and the writing. The story had me hooked till the very end. Why oh why must the ending conclude that way?! Never read anything by this author so had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with the attention to detail and the information that was provided to make this world with that said, let's continue...

Goodreads Summary:

What Brynn Caldwell can't remember might get her killed.

Brynn is a promising science student recovering from a bad relationship that sent her spiraling into a depression. But as she puts the pieces of her life back together, a few don't fit. 

Brynn is uncovering memories of being abducted and possibly brainwashed. It's all connected to a drug that might be an ultimate weapon: a tool to control people's memories. Now, to stop a possible terrorist attack, Brynn has to find out what she's been forced to forget---and what side she's really on.


Like I mentioned above the plot was pretty good, very fast and had some mystery. The problem I had was some of the plot was predictable and the ending was frustrating and lacked a good conclusion. I don't want to give anything away but I felt the ending left a lot of questions unanswered and the reader yearning for a better outcome. Also, the plot had a lot of information that would need to be researched and I think the author did a good job on that. Though I'm not sure if it was accurate but it seemed real all the same.It was creative in some ways too, like the science behind the mystery drug that's talked about throughout the whole book. This is a short book compared to some books nowadays, so it makes it a fast read, can be read in one or two sittings. So if you're looking for a quick read this is the book for you. I wish some of the parts weren't predictable; would've made the book more interesting to read. But maybe to some this story would come as a total surprise so I wouldn't knock it for that one aspect alone.


There was romance in this book but not one I particularly care for. It seemed odd and forced so I was not a fan. I think this book would've been better without the romance but in the end I knew why it was needed, it did add to the plot. Without the romance things in this book would not have been possible. But I didn't like it, so if you're a romance reader this is not a book for you.


Brynn was an okay character. She was fun to get to know and understand. Her memories were tampered with so it was hard to get to know her that well. But the parts where she was lucid she had a lot of deep emotions and thoughts. Some of the decisions she made I would have done differently but that's what makes her unique and real. She had her own thought processes and personality. Her mother was stiff and cold and I would hate to have her as my own mother. Dex was really the main mystery in this book. He was just as mysterious as the drug itself. I couldn't always get a good grasp on him so I didn't always know what to expect from him. All the other characters were good and were needed to add to the story-line so they were worth it. But like I mentioned earlier I wish I could've gotten a better grasp on Brynn (main protagonist). But maybe she was meant to appear that way; maybe that was the authors's intention all along. 

Transformation of the Character:

This is a tricky part of the book to tackle. Yes in a way the Brynn did transform but some areas she didn't. It was the whole memories being contaminated that made this a tricky area to discuss. And I cant' really discuss much more without giving the story away so you'll just have to read it yourself. 


This was one area of the book that I really enjoyed. The description of Brynn's world and her thoughts and feelings really added some mystery to the story. Though the beginning chapter I think had too much description. I think it could've been cut down some and still get the point across. But as the story progressed it did get better. Brynn's emotions and thoughts were well described and allowed the reader to get more attached to her when she was expressing them. The description of the scenery and world was good also. We got to really picture what was happening and see the foreshadowing in some places.


This was written in one POV and in third person. Being written in only Brynn's point of view only allowed the reader to see the world in one perspective. It left most of what was going on a mystery (well to some readers). I will admit there were some surprises and twists I didn't guess or see coming. So yes it's not completely predictable. Being written in third person allowed the reader to be a little detached from Brynn and see a little more of the world just not as much as if it were in more than one point of view. The author's writing was excellent, I would totally read more by this author, just in hopes the ending to her next book would be more fulfilling and satisfying. 

Quote of the Book:

Can't do a direct quotation because this book isn't out yet and the publisher asked the reader to not to put any quotation from the book. But just know the writing is excellent and fun to read.

Last Thoughts:

Though I didn't always enjoy all parts of this book; it was excellent writing. It enticed the readers and allowed them to explore a world not of their own. Don't know if I would recommend anyone to read this because of the ending; but I would recommend keeping an eye on this author. Read whatever else she writes; perhaps the ending will be much better. But if you're looking for good writing this book has that. I leave it up to you as a reader to make the decision to read this. Best of luck to you, fellow reader! Let me know what you think!!


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