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The Vanishing Season(book 4 of The Collector Series)


Date Published: May 21, 2019

Author: Dot Hutchison

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Number of pages: 317

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Warning! Book 4 of this series! Should read books 1-3 first to truly enjoy this book.

First Thoughts:

Sad to see an end to this series. Though in all honesty it ran it's necessary course and ended just right. I will miss the sparky and real characters. I will miss these amazing thought-out cases. It all started in a butterfly garden, where girls had tattoo butterfly wings on their backs, the very first case in this series. And it ended in a very emotional and very heart-pounding case. If you like the other books you will definitely love the characters in this journey. If you haven't read any of the other books, can I suggest you read them?! Anyways, let me wipe my eyes, blow my nose and start this review!


FBI agent Eliza Sterling is on a case that she has to solve before another girl's fate ends badly. With the help of her fellow group of agents this should be easy right? Well it's not easy solving a case that might involve Agent Eddison's missing sister. Eddison is doing his best to contain his emotions as this case rapidly increases as it becomes apparent that the abducted girl isn't the only one involved in this case. They have to rush to find Brooklyn before it's too late.

Eddison's temper and emotions are spiraling out of control but can Eliza bring Eddison back from this darkness in time to help solve the case or will he be more of a liability? With the help of her fellow agents theys rush to solve this case of both abducted Brooklyn and the missing girls that formed over years. Will these girls cases finally get solved or will Eddison drag all the agents down with him.


Just like with the other three books, the case is a tough one to solve and read. It still surprises me that something like this book has probably in one form or another come to past in reality. 

I love books that are like this. The good guys trying to make a imprint in this world. The plot really becomes deep in parts and makes the reader want to comfort the agents who are battling the bad guy(s). It deals a lot with the agents trying to solve this case that actually evolves to more. It becomes a man-hunt to solve who could've taken Brooklyn and why. And why is it when Eliza gets closer to touch deeper in the case she's pushed 3 steps back? Eliza is determined to solve this case and others, so that she may one day see a happy ending. 

This plot was up and down and dealt with a lot of emotions. Though it necessarily didn't make me cry it still was an emotional roller-coaster. And the cases were thoroughly picked apart by Eliza and her fellow FBI agents. Definitely a good plot that had only a few dry spells. And by dry I mean slow and kinda boring. But overall it was a pretty good plot.


Eliza and Eddison are dating and their relationship was definitely tested in this book. With Eddison's little sister's case possibly being connected to Brooklyn's his anger slowly builds. And with anger comes things you wouldn't normally do. Eddison's anger towards the world comes to come against Eliza. I have mixed feelings about their relationship. With what Eliza dealt with, I'm not sure I could've stayed. With my past especially. Overall this wasn't the best part of the book.


Eliza was such a strong character. She had so much thrown at her. When we met her in the previous books she was kind of a "just there" character. She supported her fellow agents but you couldn't see her true colors until this book. We got to see her step up. See her finally get rid of that wedding dress from her first almost wedding to a previous guy. But man I literally cheered when she did that. I think I might of yelled when it came across that part. In this book she was the lead on this case. She took it by the reins. but by no means was able to solve it by herself.

Eddison another primary character was an emotional character. He was kinda a weak character in this particular book. But I guess you would be weak when your missing little sister became a possible connection with the new case. 

The other agents were good in their own parts. The visiting "butterflies" were fun to see and it allowed the reader to be okay with the series ending.

Transformation of the Character:

Eliza blossomed in this book as I mentioned above. She really shone in this book and it made me excited to see just how much she did bloom. I thought she was weak in the other books but when it came time to help put relief to Eddison's torment she really grew up. 

Eddison on the other hand transformed in a different way. He had a different kind of hurdle. When a case hits close to home you're bound to have a harder time with the case as than the other agents. He had to come to terms that his little sister may have been a part of this case. He gets super emotional and moody. He doesn't really try to get better in my opinion until the case comes to a conclusion. Not going to spoil it but he definitely wasn't that transformed like Eliza.


There was definitely good descriptions in this book. The findings of bones and how they were found and described was phenomenal. The author really did her research. It seemed so legit that I doubt it was made up! And how she described Eddison's emotions really got to me. It was like I was right there with him. Even though I mentioned I thought Eddison was a weak character doesn't mean I didn't like him. I honestly can't blame him for how he felt because I would feel the same way. But the author really got the reader to engage with the book and it's description. It was like I was actually there! One roller-coaster of a book ride!The scenery was well polished and pulled at the reader. Really liked this part of the book.


This was written in multiple P.O.V.s but mainly Eliza's. I liked the way the author chose to choose when necessary to add in the other point of view. Eliza's point of view was definitely important but it was definitely in the best interest of the book to add in other point of views. Especially when it came to understanding exactly what was going on. Also this book was written in first person. It allowed the reader to connect with Eliza. There's only so much you can get out of third person or even second person. But as this story being a FBI book, you needed to get in the head of the person really into the case.

The author's writing itself was beautiful. Really caught the readers attention. Not rocky but at times sharp. Definitely would recommend her writing. 

Quote of the Book:

""Faith? You're not out here all alone, are you?"

She stopped on the sidewalk and looked up. "umm...that depends," she hedged. "Are you going to tell my mama?"

The man smiled. "No, I won't tell her anything.""

Last Thoughts:

Man, I miss this series already. Though I'm trying to take a break on FBI books. I need something more light. A "happy" book if there really is any. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who likes pyschological thrillers or FBI based stories. Of course, if you liked any of the first three books then you would definitely be down for this book. Be ready for your life to be changed!


4 Blooms! 

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