Monday, March 21, 2011

Destined to be Amazing....

First thoughts:

Sigh, how can I possibly sum up all the great things about this book? I think my favorite part of this book was the writing itself, it was written so beautifully ans so original. The cover itself really sums up the point of the book and conflict and it was beautiful all the way around. The concept itself was really cool and this is yet another book to be added to the favorites shelf!


This is a book about a dying society, where cancer has been cured and the perfect humans have been created. But with greatness always comes sadness. The first Generations, the ones who were created gentically are perfect, they are healthy and everything you could ever desire but their children are another story. They found that their childen who are born healthy die at a young age. Boys at the age of 25 and girls at the age of 20. With a crisis on hand, poverty skyrockets and the wealthy men kidnap young girls to carry on their line.

Rhine is no exception, her parents a first generation are killed when she is only 12 years old, leaving behind her and her twin Rowan. The two of them stick together and protect each other through hardship and surviving the dying world. But they have to work for money, and where Rowan does physical work, Rhine takes phone calls. But when she see's an ad asking for girls to give bone marrow, Rhine sees it as a chance to earn money. Little did she know that the ad was luring her in to a trap. Soon she is one of the three picked out of the 12 girls who are kidnapped and are brought to marry a wealthy house Govenor. Through it all she hopes of escape to go back to her brother in New York but escape doesn't come easy, she finds her emotions and thoughts distracting and soon escape seems impossible but when she takes that flying leap does she make it?

Last Thoughts:

I must admit, loved everything about this book, had great character development and it was fast enough paced that I could constantly read it and not be bored! I definately recommend this to anyone who likes to read books about the future of our society. Also for those who like a fast read and love books that are mysterious and magical in their own world. I give this book 5 stars!

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