Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yet Another Fantastic book by Chandler

First Impression:

What do I say about this book?! I absolutely loved it just as much as the fist book. This was a turn pager for sure and couldn't help but keep reading. Ugh! I'm still thinking of everything happened, there was definately a shocker in here! It really had such vivid detail, and such loveable characters...there really isn't anything that I hated about this book because everything that these characters went through, had to happen.


Tristan has moved to the beyond and Ivy has Will now, who are trying to be in a relationship. Beth, Ivy and Tristian along with Kelsey and Dhanya have all gone to Cape Cod for the summer to work at the inn. Ivy, will and Beth went to help heal from the incidents from last year. But just as things were getting settled Ivy and Beth get in a car accident and Ivy dies...that is until she is brought back to life by her one and only true love Tristan. When Ivy wakes up in the hospital she feels an even deeper longing for tristian and knows that maybe the love she has Will goes only so far. And then she meets this mysterious guy who can't remember anything but he's covered in cuts and deep bruises. Together Ivy and "Guy" try to discover his past while her own life starts to slowly unravel.

Last Thoughts:

In this heart pounding sequel, you'll find more of Lacey, the Angel that helped them in last the book, you'll find love, and a deeper understanding on how much a person would be willing to sacrifice for her love. I absolutely adored this book and can't wait for the next one to come out, because there HAS to be a next one! Chandler created yet another masterpiece and I give this book 5 stars!!

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